And the winners are...

Two contests on EOTP have come to an end, so who are the winners?

18 days ago Laura (theactivestick) posted about how she became a Habs fan, and it became a contest for our readers to win a free Montreal Canadiens t-shirt of their choice.

The contest generated a fair amount of traffic and resulted in 11 great stories from readers in our Fanpost section.

A random draw from those who entered has named the winner as...

Steve Mohns!! Steve wrote about becoming a fan and loving Jean Beliveau here.

So Steve if you could please email me what Habs player shirt you want on your jersey at, along with your mailing address, we'll get that to you in time for the holidays!


Next up, we were offered a chance to give away a copy of Johnathan Gatehouse's new book, 'Instigator: How Gary Bettman Remade the League and Changed the Game Forever'.

11 people also entered that contest by weighing in with their thoughts on whether Gary Bettman was good for the NHL.

Another random draw from those entrants has named the winner as...

Rsty!! Hilariously, this was Rsty's comment:

Not informed enough to responsibly comment

So I comment, in an attempt to get the book!

Well your attempt paid off, so Rsty if you could please email me your mailing address to, we'll get that to you in time for the holidays!

Hopefully we'll have some more contests for you happening in the new year, thanks to everyone who participated in both challenges, and thanks especially for those of you who shared their stories of becoming fans. It was truly a joy for all our authors to read those and get to know you better.

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