And One Last, and Well Deserving Change

Congrats to our new co-Managing Editor

There's a lot of things I've been really happy to have taken part in, during the last three years here at EOTP.

One of the best decisions came at the recommendation of our former managing editor, Robert Lefebvre. Ready to step down, Robert gave me some advice that the more help I could get, the better, That said, he threw Andrew Berkshire's name into the list. We both knew Andrew through HIO, and had exchanged emails and met occasionally in Montreal,

During the HIO Summit in 2010, we talked briefly about EOTP, and Andrew was more than willing to join us. It was easily the best decision I made for the site and it has been fantastic for our us, and our readers, to have him aboard.

Andrew enveloped the advanced stats aspect of the game, and gave it a strong introduction to our readers. In the last season, and into the lockout , he has really stepped up here, helping me with game threads and post-game reports as well as doing a great job of promoting the site and numerous other contributions.

At the same time, the pending lockout did derail my writing motivation and the daytime job and family obligations were making my daily contributions less frequent or detailed than I was satisfied with. With Andrew stepping it up over the summer and through September, we both agreed he needed better recognition for his work.

The new EOTP and SBN United format is a very new venture, with a lot of work needed to keep it updated regularly and so it was an easy decision to promote Andrew to co-Managing editor, officially effective Oct 1. With two heads to run the daily routine, and a talented group of writers in place, EOTP can only be a stronger voice in the online hockey media world.

I hope you will join me in congratulating Andrew on the new gig and to the future of EOTP.

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