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Training Camp Battles: Centre Poll Results

How did the votes go, and were there any surprises?

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, EOTP published an article asking the readers to choose their preferred depth at the centre position. We offered the top seven most likely candidates to fulfill a centre role with the team this season, and asked you to pick 4 of them from first-line to fourth-line center.

(Note: When creating the poll, we purposefully omitted Brian Flynn, Jacob de la Rose, and Charles Hudon since they appear to be settling into winger roles despite their previous roles as centremen. Also, the poll was created a day before Therrien ruined everything and announced that Eller will play wing.)

Here are the results of the 675 respondents:

Everyone agrees that Alex Galchenyuk and Tomas Plekanec belong at centre on the Habs this season as either first- or second-line centre, although there wasn't a clear consensus in what order.

Torrey Mitchell was the majority favourite as fourth line centre having nearly all of his voters placing him in that role.

Michael McCarron seemed to be gaining some traction as well, impressing people enough to select him as one of the four team centremen in either a third- or fourth- line role.

Poor Gabriel Dumont appears destined to an AHL career at this point according to the voters, finishing a distant and emphatic last.

Where there was the largest disagreement was the position of third-line centre, where the choice was between David Desharnais and Lars Eller. The two appeared almost mutually exclusively in the poll, where only one or the other had a centre role on the team. It would have been interesting to have taken this poll prior to Therrien showing his hand.

The five most popular permutations were:

Obviously the vote was slightly influenced by known information, and the top permutation looks very likely to be what head coach Michel Therrien is thinking. So unless he stuffed the ballot box, it would appear that most of you think like he does. 18.7% is nowhere near a clear majority vote but the top five permutations account for 62.8% of total votes. Again we see the two key indecisions appearing, including Galchenyuk and Plekanec oscillating between first and second line, and Eller and Desharnais exchanging third-line duties. McCarron sneaks in as part of the fifth-most-popular permutation.