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Should the Canadiens reunite the "EGG" line?

One of the most talked about lines among Habs fans over the last few years, is the "EGG" line the key to bringing back the Habs' offense?

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

After a heck of a run to end the 2012-13 NHL season, and a quick start to the following one, the line of Lars Eller, Alex Galchenyuk, and Brendan Gallagher was split up for, seemingly, the sole purpose of getting the struggling David Desharnais going. Since then, the line has rarely ever played together, which has led fans to constantly call for it to be reunited.

Using the new Super WOWY tool, we can see how this line performed together, and see whether it's something that the coach should be thinking about bringing back.

egg line

Everyone on the line aside from Gallagher had better numbers when this line was put together than when they were apart, with Gallagher spending significant time with Pacioretty when not with these two, but overall, the line wasn't actually that impressive.

Keep in mind that this line got a huge zone push at 63.6% offensive zone starts, more than a 10% bump over what Galchenyuk and Gallagher got apart from Eller. While the line definitely outplayed their opponents, and made Eller look a whole lot more effective offensively, it's questionable whether the Canadiens can use that many of their limited offensive zone starts on this line, while still finding a way to keep Desharnais out of the defensive zone.

If the line wasn't given a large zone push, do they continue to outplay their opponents anyway? They weren't outplaying them by a significant margin to begin with, so again, that's questionable.

To be fair to this line, all three players have grown their two-way games since they were last united, so it could be that they would end up holding their own in a much more significant way than this small sample hints at. That being said, the evidence we do have doesn't tell us that the Canadiens have some secret weapon they can deploy that will shred the league.

In fact, the current second line Michel Therrien is retrying seems to be a bit better overall than this group, so it doesn't seem to be worth it.