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P.A. Parenteau brings offense the Canadiens desperately need

Throughout his career, P.A. Parenteau has consistently made offensive players significantly better, and the Canadiens desperately need some of that.

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

You may not be too worried about it considering how amazing Carey Price has been this year, but the Montreal Canadiens are currently the lowest scoring team of any of those currently in playoff position, and 22nd overall in the NHL. They have just 169 non-shootout, non-empty net goals in 66 games, good for 2.56 per game, and just 2.37 per 60 minutes played.

This wouldn't be a very big problem if the Habs were defensive dynamos, but as we've looked at several times before this season, they're not a defense-oriented team, no matter what Michel Therrien would like you to believe. The Canadiens allow the ninth-most shots against in the NHL, and the sixth-most shot attempts against. Those aren't marks of a good defensive team. The reason they rank first in fewest goals against per minute is because Price stops almost everything.

Seriously, over his last 30 games, Price has stopped 95% of opponent's shots. That's not even human. As great as Price is, that level of performance is pretty much unprecedented in this league, and not something that should be counted on to continue. Even If Price played at his season average level over his last 30 starts, it would represent a whopping 12 extra goals against, which adds a few extra losses in tight games.

However even though the deadline has passed, the Canadiens do have an option available to them that would boost their offense: Use P.A. Parenteau.

We've already gone over the fact that Parenteau has been a great offensive producer throughout his career and was mostly unlucky earlier in the season before being concussed, but there was a criticism of that analysis that Parenteau usually played with John Tavares when he was a big point producer.

The fact is though, that Parenteau consistently made his most common linemates better offensive players.

parenteau offense

With the exception of Nielsen, Parenteau has consistently made his linemates better offensive players over the last four years. These are big sample sizes we're dealing with, and talented offensive players.

The average production of Parenteau's most common linemates with him on the ice over those four years is that of a top-70 offensive player, meaning decent first line production. Without Parenteau, their average goal production drops below the 150th best offensive players, meaning decent very decent second line production.

For a team that struggled to score one goal against the joke of a team that is the Arizona Coyotes, the Canadiens can't afford to scoff at a player who can produce at a first line rate. The Canadiens don't have the offensive depth to ignore Parenteau.