An oral history of Marc Bergevin's time as Canadiens' GM

Sometimes I think Marc Bergevin only knows one attribute, or at least only likes one. See below.

Bergevin on Max Pacioretty extension:

"We felt that he's a part of our core moving forward; he shows character, [with] what happened with the incident when he got hurt and came back."

Bergevin on 2012 draft haul:

"We got talent and character, and to me those are the most important things."

Bergevin on drafting Alex Galchenyuk:

"He's a big centre with talent, vision, and character."

Bergevin on drafting Sebastian Collberg:

"Top two lines. Top six. With a scoring touch and with character."

Bergevin on Brendan Gallagher:

"He has character that's off the charts."

Bergevin on potential trade deadline moves:

"You always look at all the options, but depth and character and speed is what you need to reach your ultimate goal."

Bergevin on drafting Michael McCarron:

"Obviously we like the size, the grit and the character. Mike has a lot of character and the way he's been used we know he has hockey sense and he has grit."

Bergevin on Christian Thomas:

"This young 21-year-old forward has shown tremendous character."

One of the only guys Bergevin spoke extensively about and didn't mention character was Ryder... yikes.

If you find other uses of the term "character" by the guy in charge, feel free to mention them in the comments and I'll add them to the piece. We'll keep this as a kind of running diary.

Bergevin on Daniel Briere:

"He's a guy with a lot of character, he was a captain in Buffalo and an assistant captain in Philadelphia."

Bergevin on George Parros:

"We did our due diligence. He's a good person, a high-character guy that is well liked by his teammates and protects his teammates."

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