An MTV host's hate for hockey

Trust me, I'm not a regular fan of MTV, but It was merely a fluke that I came across this.

A week or so back, the had MTV on in the afternoon. Man that station has sure changed from my day ie: the initial beginnings, but I digress.

The segment that aired on their MTV Live program certainly would piss off any hockey fan, if any actually watch the station. The segment involved some overweight, loudmouth blond ditz, by the name of Sheena Snively, who dislikes the sport because she hates to wash her husband's jockstrap after hockey. Somehow I'm certain that her husband feels likewise, when it's his turn to wash her underwear.

Anyways, with that as her only premise Snively decided to take her case outside the Hockey Hall of Fame for what was an anti-hockey rally. The segment begins around the 4:30 mark of this clip. Apparently MTV is too good to offer viewers to share their material, and would rather you buy it off iTunes. I even checked her Twitter account and YouTube link, and it's not listed there either.

I trust the premise behind this, and the show in general, was comedy but man that was bad. Oddly enough, around the time this aired, the whole issue of head shots in the game were at another peak of debate. Way to miss the boat on this, or perhaps some more valid reasons to dislike the game. As Jim Schoenfeld once said....

How do these no-talents (save Daryn Jones, who I enjoyed in his Rick Mercer days) get on the air? Man I miss the days where MTV just played music videos. The CRTC won't let radio stations play Dire Straits'  "Money for Nothing", but they allow this to go on. Or maybe it's just a sign I'm getting old.

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