Report: Alexander Radulov seeking a long-term contract

On Hockey Night in Canada, it was mentioned that Radulov is hoping for a six-year deal.

According to a report on last night’s news segment on Hockey Night in Canada’s primetime broadcast, Montreal Canadiens winger Alexander Radulov is hoping to sign a lengthy deal once his one-year pact comes to a close, perhaps for six years at around $4.5 to $5 million per year.

Nick Kypreos offered the alternative option of a three-year contract, which would still give Radulov the chance to get another contract at its conclusion, but that would increase the dollar figure by a few million per season.

The report doesn’t really have any insight that you wouldn’t suspect for any skilled player seeking an extension to play in the NHL, but his intention on staying in the NHL for an extended period may be a surprise to some of the pundits who initially mocked the Habs for signing him for even a single season.

Poll Results: Should the #Habs re-sign Alexander Radulov?

In a poll we conducted in early January, fans stated their ideal term for an extension of the Russian playmaker was three years (which Kypreos suggested would cost around $7 million per year if the long-term option is not viable). Just 2.1% of the more than 2200 respondents listed a term of six years or more as the ideal contract length.

The most common combination voted upon was a three-year deal with an AAV of $6 million, which isn’t far off from the alternative offered.

Has your opinion changed on Radulov since the start of the new year? Is a six-year contract palatable if that’s was it takes to sign the energetic off-season acquisition? Let us know in the comments.

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