Report: Alex Radulov earning a lot of interest around the league

The talented winger has several options heading into free agency

Last week we heard that soon-to-be free agent Alex Radulov was seeking a $7M contract, accompanied by a 6-year term.  Truth be told, this is a common negotiating tactic, seeing as successful agent will never start low, and the goal, after all, is to earn as much money for your client as possible.

Since then, about a third of the league has reached out to Radulov.

Keep in mind the particular wording of the tweet by LeBrun. Radulov’s camp has “heard” from 10-11 teams. That covers a wide range of possible discussions, including just feeling out the potential interest level, or possibly even finalizing some details before a contract is offered.

LeBrun also specifically mentions that Radulov wants to keep the Habs in the mix, which should be encouraging for fans that are worried they’ll lose one the best forwards on the team.

As it stands, the Canadiens currently have slightly more than $21M in cap space available, although they’re yet to re-sign Alex Galchenyuk and Andrei Markov.

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