The 10 best Alex Galchenyuk GIFs

A collection of GIFs from one of the most exciting Habs players.

Alex Galchenyuk is pretty good at hockey. When the Canadiens drafted him it was expected that he would eventually become the team's number one centre. Now that he seems to have done that, it seems only fair that we get the hype train going early for next year.

Plus it's summer, so why not? Anyways, here are my 10 favourite GIFs of Alex Galchenyuk, in no particular order.

#1: How Chucky feels about me doing this, probably.

I bet we would be good friends if he hung out with me.

#2: Dangle, snipe, celly

Dominik Hasek wouldn't have stopped this. Patrick Roy wouldn't have stopped this. Martin Brodeur wouldn't have stopped this. CAREY PRICE WOULDN'T HAVE STO... Ok, maybe Carey. Maybe. Everyone else is a hard no.

#3: Backhand snipe

That... That was sexy.

#4: Hooooooooly snipe!

Neither the camera, nor the goaltender, nor anyone in attendance saw this go in the net in real time.

#5: Tweener

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

#6: Sweet sauce

When he's not scoring goals, he's laying down some sweet, sweet sauce for his linemates.

#7: Do you even breakaway, bro?

Seriously, do you? Not like this, anyways.

#8: More breakaway backhand magic

This time in the shootout. Such dangles.

#9: Give and go

Look at him just manufacture an assist for Dale Weise. What a nice guy.

#10: Tic-Tac-Chuck

Seriously, can you wait to watch these guys as the top line again? I know... Not at all. Here's to next year, folks. It should be pretty fun.

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