Alberta - The greatest hockey province

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It's a well known fact that Canada survived the last 20 or so years economically on the back of Albertan ingenuity and work ethic. While the rest of Canada fell into have not provinces, including the once mighty Ontario, Alberta kept on truckin'.

As seen in the picture above, Alberta has some of the most amazing, picturesque scenery on the planet, yet they're also harvesting natural resources to get rich off of these beautiful lands.

Alberta is also the birthplace of the insanely cool Nathan Fillion, best known as Captain Malcolm Reynolds from 'Firefly', and Richard Castle from 'Castle'.

Philanthropist and actor Michael J. Fox is also an Albertan by birth. The list of famous Albertans is far more impressive than those from Saskatchewan, for example.

In spite of being the the 4th largest province in Canada, Alberta has produced the 3rd most NHL players in hockey history with 533. In fact, they've produced nearly as many as Quebec's 771 in spite of less than half the population base.

An Albertan also sits second overall in career points as Mark Messier edged out Gordie Howe by 37 points in 9 fewer games.

The Province of Alberta is also tied for having the most NHL teams per province with Ontario, even though Ontario has 3.7 times the population Alberta does. Albertan NHL teams have 6 Stanley Cup victories over the last 30 years, compared to a whopping zero from Ontario, and 2 for Quebec. This means that Albertan teams have won the Stanley Cup a whopping 3 times more often than the rest of Canada combined, a clear sign of the superiority of the province.

In case you haven't noticed, Saskatchewan has zero NHL teams, a sign of irrelevance in a hockey mad country. I mean even Manitoba has one, and no one on the planet cares about Manitoba.

Alberta has the top ranked education system in the country. Albertan students are often the most well prepared university students because of this, which in turn leads to more successful people later in life.

Alberta is also home to the Rocky Mountains, but unlike British Columbia, you're not vulnerable to natural disasters like tsunamis. The geology of Alberta allows it to not be subject to things like hurricanes, volcanoes or earthquakes, a perfect place to live.

Alberta is also home to great festivals like the Calgary Stampede, a world renowned party for all.

In short, Alberta has everything. Alberta is the best.

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