A "Prospectus" on the Upcoming NHL Season.

Whether you're in a pool, or just like a good analysis of what to expect in the upcoming NHL season, "Hockey Prospectus 2011-12" might be worth picking up

This handy 489 page guide, with info and projections on all 30 teams, 1000 players and a top-100 prospect list, is from the creators of Baseball Prospectus.

The guide introduces and makes projections based on Vukota and GVT stats. I'm not one for relying on the stats to predict who finishes as there are so many other variables to take in, but it does go to show how fortunate last season's Stanley Cup winners really were.

For those into advanced statistics, such as quality starts, Corsi and advanced face-off stats, this would be the guide for you with plenty or articles and tables to dig into.

The paperback guide retails for $19.95 (USD) and can be purchased through Amazon via the link below.

The guide can also be purchased in PDF form from their website for just under $10

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