A New Voice Joins EOTP

The Active Stick joins EOTP to expand our perspectives.


Well, new here. We here at Eyes On The Prize are proud to announce that we've convinced Laura/TheActiveStick to become a contributor to the site.

Laura brings a perspective to EOTP that we've never had before, focusing mostly on the lighter side of hockey. She has been writing for just over three years now on her own site, also called The Active Stick.

You can see some of her recent best work here. Laura is a refreshingly open person, always willing to speak her mind and offer a sober glance at the situation at hand. She has been a friend of the blog for a long time.

Laura will still be writing at her own site, and contributing here occasionally. You can follow her on twitter here.

EOTP is going through a lot of changes this summer. We've added many new writers to give you a variety of great content, and soon we'll be rolling out the SB Nation United platform. It's an exciting time for us as we oversee this aggressive expansion.

We believe that the combination of these new writers and the new, better website will provide you with much better and more interesting content than every before.

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