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A Hockey City: Trying to Win

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The Habs are going to do their darnedest to win this season, and we all get to watch them try.

Doing what it takes to win isn’t always pretty. But when you put into perspective what Marc Bergevin and his crew are trying to accomplish, it’s what Habs fans all want: winning a championship.

It would be unfair to paint last year’s epic collapse as something management didn’t learn from.

With everything else that happened this summer, the hiring of Kirk Muller as an associate coach has been overshadowed. I already feel better about the Habs’ special teams…

Just a few more weeks before the regular season starts, and we’ll get a chance to see what the Habs are made of now. In the meantime, the World Cup can tide us over…

On another note, Patrik recently launched his own podcast, PuckDrop Europe. In his most recent episode he met up with Saku Koivu in a Gothenburg hotel lobby for an in-depth conversation about hockey life...