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A Hockey City: May Days

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As the 2015-16 NHL season winds down, it’s time for Habs fan to put it behind them.

So is Marc Bergevin going to pull the trigger on any big deals this summer? Hmm...

Saku Koivu called to give Max Pacioretty advice on being the captain of the Montreal Canadiens. I wonder what advice the Finnish legend had for Max....

Carey Price and his wife Angela had their first child a few weeks ago. I’m guessing things are pretty busy at the Price house, but I’m sure it helps to have a world class goalie with genius positional acumen and top notch reflexes to help make it through this delicate time.

It was announced earlier last week that P.K. Subban is to host a comedy gala at the Just for Laughs festival this summer in Montreal. I think he'll definitely be able to hold his own on the comedy stage....

As mentioned last week, I've put together a 32-page 8x10 paperback that collects all the best comic strips from last season, with proceeds going to the Red Cross' Fort McMurray Appeal. Here's a link to that. Follow the link in the article to be taken to my Createspace page where you can make your purchase (note you have to have an account to buy). All proceeds from sales will be donated to the Red Cross for victims of the Fort McMurray fire.