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A Hockey City: The Void

I get an empty feeling when the Habs are this bad. Let's explore... the void.

Have you ever heard of the Boötes Void? It's a place in the universe, nearly 250 light years in diameter, with very, very little in it. So little, that for all intents and purposes it is considered to be empty space.

Knowing that such a magnitude of emptiness can exist in the universe, I feel a little better about how the Habs have been playing since the end of November.

So let's explore... the void!

The size and composition of space and time have presented the possibility of this universe being but a small part in a larger multi-verse. This gives rise to the possibility of alternate realities, and in one of these realities, this happened.

Before there was time or space, or the Habs, or anything... there was just a singularity.