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A Hockey City: Rhetoric

The art of persuasion and discourse are skills an organization must possess in order to succeed ... or to at least be perceived as successful. How good are the Habs at talking?

Rhetoric is the art of discourse, also known as the art of persuasion. Someone using rhetoric is saying something to motivate or persuade their audience. Aristotle was among the first to define this type of speech, and coined the three persuasive audience appeals: ethos (character), logos (logical) and pathos (emotional).

How do the Canadiens rate when it comes to using rhetoric?

Well, one thing being put to the test is the organization's character, or credibility, as they've had to answer a lot of tough questions of late. In Aristotelian language, the ethos of the Montreal Canadiens is definitely a little flimsy, as it's getting hard to think we're being told the whole truth about how the team is feeling through this historically bad stretch of play.

Logos is a logical appeal to reason. Having a better sense of logos helps improve the trustworthiness of your character (ethos). Do you trust the logic directing this team right now?

I think when it comes to the Habs, one thing we can all agree on is that it is one of the toughest audiences in sports, making appeal to the pathos of your fans a very difficult prospect for anyone to manage.