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A Hockey City


The General Manager likes to believe in an ideal world. Do you?

A Hockey City: The Hockey Sweater

Road to the Centennial

It took a hundred years to get here....

A Hockey City: Be Yourself

There’s only one of you in the world, and the only one there will ever be.

AHC: Inner Spirit

Still searching with very nowhere to look for answers? Look inside...

AHC: Pressure Point

How is it that there is so much pressure this early in the season?

A Hockey City: Being better for each other

Nobody’s worth anything unless they make the people around them better.

A Hockey City: Propositions

The most optimistic Habs webcomic on the Internet!

Season Premiere

Winter is coming.

The End

It was fun while it lasted...

Playoff Saga

Is this the start of a long playoff run?

Round One

So it’s going to be the New York Rangers...


They’re in!

Playoff Preparation

Be prepared...

Alex and Alexei

One is beloved, the other is... not.

Getting Serious

With the schedule winding down, there’s no kidding around anymore.

General Managing

He’s just doing his job.

New Coach Edition

Time to really clean up this mess.

Goodbye Week

Saying farewell to Coach

A Hockey City: Reading Into It

Everyone’s trying to figure out what’s wrong in this week’s webcomic.

A Hockey City: Good Times

Take the good, leave the bad.

A Hockey City Habs Webcomic: All-Stars


A Hockey City: Team Spirit

It hasn’t been easy, but going through it together sure makes it easier.

A Hockey City Habs Webcomic: Handcuffed

Tough injuries, a tough schedule - what more can the Habs do?

A Hockey City: Injuries galore

I hurt my finger typing this.

A Hockey City: 2017

Happy New Year!

A Hockey City: Christmas Day

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

A Hockey City: The Grind

It’s time for this team to show what it’s made of.

A Hockey City: Be Careful

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing: be safe out there.

AHC: The Big Picture

Don’t get distracted by the details.

A Hockey City: Plans

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

A Hockey City: Progress

It will take some time and we may or may not get there...