A Gameday Chat with Bruins Coach Claude Julien's Facial Expressions

Habs Eyes On The Prize was treated to an exclusive, rare, game day interview this morning, giving us some insight into the Bruins coach's feelings on the state of his team, the Canadiens, and the NHL.

Last week, Battle of California was able to land a big name interview with the Head Coach of the Detroit Red Wings, Mike Babcock....err....sort of. Anyway, through the same anonymous NHL communications employee, we were able to land an even longer exclusive with Boston Bruins Head Coach Claude Julien. The Canadiens take on the Bruins tonight in the second half of a back-to-back for the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge, so we made sure to at least touch on the subject.

EOTP: Hello, excuse me Claude.



EOTP: Yes, over here. No, to your left. The only other guy in the room. Since this is, you know, an exclusive interview. Actually, come to think of it, you probably don't need the mic. Are those pit stains under your arms, already?



EOTP: Okay sorry, that was impolite. I know you must be nervous and all about the Canadiens coming to town, considering how things went down the last time they were here. Anyway, I know we have a limited time so I'll get started with the questions. Your team struggled to put goals past backup goalie Peter Budaj the last time these two clubs faced off, how do you expect to do so with Carey Price the likely starter?



EOTP: Dunno, huh? I don't blame you, he's real good. Anyway, what about....oh, smile for the camera! Who let a camera man in here anyway?



EOTP: So, I'm sure you remember your post-game press conference from that game. You made some...err...interesting comments about the Canadiens "embellishing", and let's just say the reaction hasn't exactly been favorable. First, you and your puppets...I mean media members...were owned by Mike Milbury on live television. MIKE MILBURY! Then there was this video. And this one. And this one. And this one. And...oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you upset.



EOTP: I really am sorry, it's just that now that you don't have Colin Campbell in a position of real power helping you out, people are free to say things about you without fear of lifetime suspensions.



EOTP: Okay, I'm sorry, that again was uncalled for. I'm sure the NHL isn't actually a corrupt institution that favours your team, and that every other team does embellish more than you. For example, teams have really been embellishing their score against you in recent games.



EOTP: Okay, jeez, I'll go. Take a chill pill man. This is all in good fun....



... [audio cuts off as all that can be heard is dinosaur like yells and screams, and then silence].

Unfortunately, our young reporter has not been heard from since. We hope to find him in one piece. Police in Boston have been alerted, but when we told them that we thought Claude Julien had just torn to pieces and eaten a young Montrealer, they replied that we were probably embellishing the story.

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