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Canadiens @ Golden Knights Top Six Minutes: Tanking perfection

As far as losses go, that one was about as good as it gets.

Montreal Canadiens v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • No Kaiden Guhle tonight in the latest in the a disastrous season for the Canadiens health-wise.
  • Vegas remains an extremely dangerous team, and I have to say it’s a worrying night potentially for Jake Allen.
  • I am excited for Frédéric Allard tonight, he was supposed to be in Laval today, but now finds himself suiting for just his second NHL game.
  • Hey, the last Predators draft pick who played for the Habs this year scored his first NHL goal, so can lightning strike twice?

First Period

  • Oh boy, Craig Button is going to scream at me for 2.5 hours now.
  • There’s an odd feeling hanging around this game, I assume mostly because it’s being played at 6pm.
  • Andddd the Habs are on the penalty kill, sorry Jake.
  • Hey neat, they killed it off!
  • Honestly, pretty decent start offensively for the Habs!
  • Craig Button loves Nick Suzuki on a nearly unhealthy level, and that’s just fine honestly.
  • Colour me surprised at that being the first goal scored in this game so far.
  • Vegas coming on strong, buckle up because it could get ugly real quick.
  • Habs make a clean zone exit challenge.
  • Or don’t...2-0 Vegas.
  • Did Vegas just decide to not end the period?
  • Either way, 40 to go!

Second Period

  • I was going to make a post to start the second period but got distracted by Danhausen wearing Homer Simpson’s mumu on the AEW PPV.
  • Habs have life, got a couple goals in ya too fellas?
  • Well, apparently Vegas does as they make it 3-0.
  • I’m not wishing for a comeback win, but this is a sloppy looking game from the Habs so far.
  • Somehow, I am not confident in their power play being the best way to do that.
  • Would not be opposed to see Josh Anderson continue to be a pest to Jonathan Quick.
  • I forgot that Anderson also loves playing Vegas, for some reason.
  • Even three goals down, the Habs aren’t fading away which is what Marty likely wants.
  • Just, you know don’t let the washed goalie get a shutout.
  • The effort’s there, but the finish isn’t. Hard to be upset with the effort at least!
  • 20 minutes left!

Third Period

  • A strong start to the third, would love to see RHP get himself on the scoresheet.
  • Because again, Jon Quick is old and a shutout should not happen.
  • See, I have a power to curse goalies now!
  • And now a power play?
  • Dare I have any hope?
  • They didn’t score, but that’s a strong looking power play from the Habs.
  • If you don’t even try to skate for a cleared puck it should negate icing tbh.
  • Valiant effort by Gurianov, but it’s 4-1 now sadly.
  • This is going to improve the Tank Score folks!
  • Craig Button IS FURIOUS that Kovacevic had to fight there, and honestly, yeah.
  • Feisty David Savard is the best David Savard.
  • Oh Mike Hoffman, what are you doing with that pass sir.
  • This ended up being a real fun game eh?
  • Outstanding tank game!
  • See y’all next on Tuesday!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Can we say Montreal won that trade?

2) They come to play every night

1) Won that trade as well