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Rating The Tank: 20 Games Left Edition

Welcome to a new series for the rest of this season!

Montreal Canadiens v Anaheim Ducks Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Welcome to something new here at EOTP, as we start reviewing each game the Montreal Canadiens play post-trade deadline. It’ll get refined a bit as it goes on, but the premise is very simple: after each Canadiens game, we’ll assign the game a Tank Score.

A Tank Score of 0 means there were zero redeeming actions in the game for the Canadiens; a disaster for the tank, and offering little hope for the future. On the flipside of things, a Tank Score of 10 means things improved in terms of lottery positions, or prospects/key players did a lot of fun stuff.

So let’s get started!

The Good

It was not a pretty game in many regards. In fact, the video from this game could be used to make criminals confess to crimes. That doesn’t mean there weren’t positives to be found, however, namely in the form of Jonathan Drouin.

In the midst of his best run of hockey in a long time, Drouin finally earned his first goal of the season, and then later on collected another assist on a Nick Suzuki goal. It’s too late for him to be traded, but as far as feelgood moments go, this is a big one for Drouin and his teammates.

Also on the good side of things is Suzuki scoring once again, and Jesse Ylönen leading the team in many of the possession metrics. As far as losses go, this one isn’t too bad.

Mike Matheson also body-slammed Trevor Zegras, which was neat.

The Bad

Whew, the penalty kill remains absolutely abysmal. Even if the penalties called were dubious at best, the Montreal penalty kill didn’t do much to help out Samuel Montembeault. It’s been a year-long issue and without signs of improvement it might stymie what progress the Canadiens make in other areas.

(The same also applies to the power play.)

Also, Kaiden Guhle might be hurt, and that would be no good at all.

Lottery Movement

As per Tankathon, this loss leaves the Canadiens with the seventh-best odds at landing Connor Bedard. They still sit three points ahead of Vancouver, with the Canucks having a single game in hand.

Tank Score


It was a weird day after a quiet trade deadline, but a loss to the Ducks in regulation while keeping it respectable in terms of the scoreline helps. Drouin’s first goal, Suzuki scoring, and Montembeault putting in a strong effort help bolster the Tank Score.

Guhle’s health now being in question and a relatively quiet night from the younger players, coupled with little movement in the lottery, hurts the overall score a bit as well.