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Canadiens @ Lightning Top Six Minutes: Making them earn it

The Habs held the lead on a couple of occasions, but the Lightning came away with the win.

Montreal Canadiens v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Mark LoMoglio/NHLI via Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • You know you have too many injuries when you try to punish a player for missing a team meeting (Drouin) by making him sit out tonight but are forced to change the plan because Guhle is injured and you need to dress 18 players.
  • A heads up for those of you who don’t know, I do not like Tampa. Like, at all. You’ll see. Will some comments be irrational? You betcha.
  • St-Louis is being inducted into the Lightning Hall of Fame. You’re a Hab now, Marty. No time for this Tampa foolishness.

First game

  • It could be the St. Paddy’s Weekend green beer talking, but we’re looking pretty good. It’s only been five minutes but still.
  • Hoffman opens the scoring! Sweet, it wasn’t the green beer after all.
  • So far it’s just a plain ol’ period of decent hockey. What else can I say? Oh, here’s one. Shots are 7-2 for Tampa and we’re up 1-0.
  • Barron loses his stick, Anderson hands his over and tries to block the shot but Tampa gets on the board.
  • So you can’t score a goal until a player is short a stick, Hedman? Lame.
  • Just over five minutes left and Drouin is still waiting for his first shift. Is he learning his lesson? The only way we’ll know for sure is if he gets the nod, jumps on the ice and immediately gets us back in the lead.
  • Pretty nice save by Monty on Colton to keep it even in the dying minutes of the period.

Second period

  • Tierney gets away with “accidentally” elbowing Stamkos. Nice.
  • Tampa has the Habs scrambling to keep up with their unnecessary number of passes and Hagel puts them in the lead.
  • Savard, you’re a defenceman. Your job is to... anyone? Anyone?
  • A nice little backhand pass from Anderson to Gurianov and we’re all tied up less than two minutes later.
  • A close one for Belzile. We’re picking up the pace here now.
  • Shots are 20-10 for the Lightning and we’re all tied up. And shot attempts are 38-14 for Tampa. *giggle, giggle.
  • Clearly we’re starting to bug them as the first penalty of the game goes to Sergacehv for holding.
  • Three seconds left in the power play and Ylonen slaps one past Elliott!
  • Belzile and Anderson off to the races, pass to Anderson and oh so close.
  • Still no ice time for Drouin. Yikes, that’s embarrassing.

Third period

  • May as well just grab the IPad and boot up Netflix for this period, Drouin. I hear Agent Elvis is worth checking out.
  • Giving the Lightning a power play is not the best idea you’ve ever had, Pezz.
  • See, I told you.
  • Hagel tips in Sergachev’s shot and it’s 4-2. How’s Agent Elvis working out for you, Drouin?
  • Anderson blocks a shot that ends up going off the inside of his right hand and he’s not looking good. I mean, he’s looking good, but he’s doubled over in pain on the bench.
  • And there goes Anderson down the tunnel. Dammit, dammit, damn you Tampa!
  • We have just over a month left. Can we just quit it with the injuries?
  • Pitlick off the post.
  • Monty puts a stop to Hagel’s almost-hat-tick in style.
  • What are you smiling at, Cooper? The games not over yet.
  • Anderson is back! However, if history has taught us anything that just means he’ll be missing in action soon. So I’ll just enjoy the next two minutes.
  • Hagel gets his hat trick with an empty netter. Lame way to get a hat trick if you ask me.
  • Tampa doubled us in shots (40-21). At least we made them work for it.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Show him a tank and he’ll try to check that, too

2) He’s really making his case in recent games

1) I’ll wear this jacket, but no way am I posing for any photos