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Montreal Canadiens prospect Adam Engström thriving in the SHL playoffs

The Swede scored a goal in game 1 of the SHL quarterfinal.

Peter Ekholm, Rögle BK

The SHL playoffs have started well for Montreal Canadiens prospect Adam Engström. While he has been lined up as the seventh defender, he has played more than 12 minutes in all games but the first where he only got a shift.

Rögle became the first team in SHL history to turn around and win a play-in series after being down 1-0 in games.

In today’s game against second-seeded team Skellefteå AIK, Engström stepped up in a big way. Not only defensively, where he was a solid calm presence on the third pairing, but also with a highlight reel goal.

In the end Engström played over 16 minutes, and was +1 in a game that Rögle won 3-2.

Engström described the goal himself to CMORE after the game: “The puck bounced a bit lucky for me, then I saw some were going for a change and I had open ice in front of me. I got into the slot and saw that he went down on his knees and I just tried to get it high.”

Engström smiled before continuing. “The deke is essentially that I know I have a player with me, so I pull it back to pass it, but as the defender buys it I take the shot myself. The important thing was to get the lead, I wasn’t really thinking about the goal itself.”

When asked about the game as a whole Engström continues, “We are calm, we play well for 60 minutes. We know they will come out strong [on their home ice] and then we can set up for quick counters.”

Quotes taken from CMORE, and edited for clarity by Patrik Bexell.

Full credit for use; Patrik Bexell, Eyes on the Prize.