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Rating The Tank: The ‘Oh No They Suck Again’ Edition

Burn the game film and move on to Pittsburgh.

NHL: MAR 13 Avalanche at Canadiens

So, that was most certainly a hockey game that was played at the Bell Centre on Monday night. Mind you it wasn’t a particularly good one from either side as the Colorado Avalanche buried the Habs 8-4 as Montreal concluded its homestand.

Without further ado, let us break down the Tank Score.

The Good

Well, they lost in regulation!

Also Josh Anderson hit 20 goals, so that’s neat, and Denis Gurianov got a power-play goal which was also fun.

Oh, Nick Suzuki hit 50 points for a second straight year, also very cool. Yeah, that’s about it.

The Bad

Well, they didn’t earn two points which is fantastic for the overall tank standings in Montreal. On the other side of things, this game was an abject disasterclass from the opening minutes onward.

At the end of the first period, the Avs had more goals than the Habs had shots, with a 4-1 scoreline somehow being flattering to the home side. In previous games during this losing streak, the Canadiens were highly competitive, and that all seemingly went out the window on Monday.

Losing has never been a problem; losing without effort or some kind of silver lining is a tough watch, especially with another game lingering against the Penguins on Tuesday night.

Also, Rem Pitlick got hurt and did not return to the game, continuing one of the most cursed seasons I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch.

Lottery Movement

With a confirmed loss and the Arizona Coyotes winning in overtime on Sunday, it was a pretty solid 24 hours tank-wise for Montreal.


Montreal now holds the fifth-best odds at landing the first overall pick, and continues a brutal march toward the end of the season. Anaheim being the closest team to the Habs is also a huge benefit as the Ducks have one of the easiest remaining schedules, while Montreal has the fourth hardest.

Tank Score


Results-wise: perfect. No notes whatsoever.

Performance-wise? This game was a mess with few bright spots to help drag up the score. The big concern now is the health of Rem Pitlick — who is at least confirmed to be travelling with the team — and what the team is going to do in net against Pittsburgh on Tuesday night.