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Canadiens @ Devils Top Six Minutes: Monty builds a wall in Newark

The netminder from Bécancour had his Carey Price moment against a scary team of Devils.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at New Jersey Devils Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • What is my hawkeye seeing on la première ligne?
  • A wild Rafaël appeared!
  • Devils used poison powder.
  • It isn’t very effective...

First period

  • Nice start by the Habs. Vitek Vaněček has to be aware and czech for the puck.
  • Yes, that was a pun on his nationality.
  • No, I’m not apologizing.
  • Who’s Canada’s favourite JB? That dude with the tattoos who sang baby and is married to a Baldwin daughter?
  • Nah, we like Justin Barron better. He is our “Baby, baby, baby ooooh”.
  • 1-0 Habs. Barron from Suzuki and RHP.
  • RHP for Calder, by the way.
  • Swedish people are the worst.
  • Jesper Bratt ties things up with a nice snipe.
  • Not totally unfair (to be fair).
  • Vaněček robs Josh Anderson of a late period lead.

Second period

  • That’s just sweet as candy.
  • Johnathan Kovacevic finishes off a beautiful rush and pass from Jesse Ylönen.
  • Mike Matheson with his 100th career assist as well. Congrats, MM!
  • Terrific finish from Slick Nick and quickly Montreal moves from a tied game to being two goals up.
  • First point of the NHL season for Corey Scheuneman on that third goal.
  • Montembeault is playing like a wall here in the second period, extending his greatness to the penalty kill.
  • Monty saves a breakaway as well. What did he eat today?
  • Whatever it was, do it again, Sam!
  • Joel Armia will not be returning to tonight’s game. Injury? Or something else?

Third period

  • Current shooting statistics? 12 for the Habs, 25 for the Devils.
  • Current goals? 3-1 in favour of the Canadiens.
  • Montembeault just stops everything tonight. He is the infamous Great Wall of Newark.
  • That’s four!
  • Rem Pitlick is on the scoresheet after magnifique passing between him and his linemates Dadonov and Dvorak.
  • This smells like a win, does it not?
  • Bedard who, amiright?
  • If only Drouin could score one...
  • The man deserves it. He switched his number and still hasn’t scored with #27 on his back.
  • On shot number 32, Dawson Mercer finally gets one back for the Jerseyans.
  • A real Gallyesque goal as well.
  • Lindy Ruff tries to sneak Vaněček out of the net, but Dvorak wins the face-off cleanly and Mike Matheson shoots a quick shot from way down in the Habs own zone.
  • 5-2 and this should make it game over for the red hot Jersey team.
  • Allez, allez, allez. Allez Montréal. That was a fun one!
  • Final shot statistics? 39-18 in favour of the hosts.
  • Merci, Monty.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) He’s adjusted his sights

2) Only the Devils are blue after that performance

1) That must be illegal