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Canadiens @ Senators Top Six Minutes: Owned in Ottawa

The night started off promising... then the next 40 minutes happened.

Montreal Canadiens v Ottawa Senators Photo by André Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images


  • Owen Beck on deck tonight!
  • The Sens just finished beating the snot out of the Maple Leafs, let’s hope they have nothing left in the tank for tonight.

First period

  • Belzile oh so close to opening the scoring and getting his first NHL goal.
  • Forsberg stops Anderson twice. *Prediction: We’re getting an Anderson goal tonight. Take that Forsberg. My predictions always often sometimes come true.
  • The first half of the period is full steam ahead from both teams. Shots are even at six and I’m getting a little whiplash as they take turns flying from one end to the other.
  • Over five minutes without a whistle. Impressive that the game is this fast and penalty-free. Seems everyone has their eye on the upcoming break with a “let’s just get this done” feeling.
  • Don’t blame me that there was nothing to write about for this period. It’s not my fault both teams came to play and that the refs aren’t in the mood to make up penalties.

Second period

  • No way I’m taking the blame for this either. DeBrincat fools Monty 22 seconds in. I didn’t want something to write about that badly.
  • A battle in front of Forsberg ends in no goal for the Habs — even though pretty much everyone attempted to get the puck in — and Hoffman heading to the box for slashing. Slashing what, who knows. I see the refs have started the ‘time to make up penalties’ portion of the evening.
  • *Prediction: Dach is getting a goal tonight. If I keep predicting, something has to come true.
  • No, Dach. I said goal not a penalty. Tripping... diving... all the same to Sanderson.
  • Grioux makes it 2-0 on the power play.
  • Less than two minutes later Grioux strikes again to make it 3-0 thanks to the puck bouncing off Xhekaj. Can we rewind to the first period where there wasn’t much to write about?
  • We’re getting a chance to get back in the game as we head to the power play. Forget the fact that the Habs power play is the Habs power play.
  • Obviously the third period is going to be all Habs. I mean, we’ve yet to see the Anderson and Dach goals.

Third period

  • Barron gets called for puck over glass. Looks like the refs aren’t going to make our comeback period easy,
  • Halfway through and it looks like Forsberg is gonna get a shutout. Good for him. I mean, Anderson could ruin his shutout. Or Dach could ruin his shutout. You never know.
  • Anderson just took down Stützle. And not the usual Stützle kinda takedown.
  • Off we go to the power play. Maybe... juuust maybe....
  • Nope.
  • Alright! Our first shot on goal of the period and it only took 15 minutes.
  • Monty heads to the bench with five minutes left.
  • Time to ruin the shutout. Empty net and on the power play.
  • Or, you know, Sens can make it 4-0 with an empty netter. Potato, patato.
  • Seems the Sens just won’t give it a rest even when there’s only 48 seconds left.
  • Remember those first 20 minutes? That was pretty fun.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Don’t search for what he’ll be wearing on Tuesday in Montreal

2) Going against our nature to root for the Bruins and they can’t even win the game?

1) Now do Montembeault