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Canadiens vs. Jets Top Six Minutes: Second-period power up

Another team effort for the win (and our Barron wins the Best Barron Brother Battle)

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Montreal Canadiens David Kirouac-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Injuries galore as Armia, Slafkovský and Drouin join Evans on the sidelines. Will the fresh blood help or hinder?
  • Check out this sweet top line experiment... Caufield-Suzuki-Ylönen.
  • We also have a little Barron Brother Battle happening tonight. #MayTheBestBarronWin!

First period

  • We’re five minutes in and the Habs seem to be keeping up with their “just shoot” mentality leading 7-1 in shots. Not a bad plan. Gotta wear that Hellebuyck guy down somehow.
  • Anyone else with me in becoming a fan of Xhekaj’s shot? It may not go in often but it’s quite the shot.
  • Dach at centre never seems to be a bad idea. Dach on wing isn’t either.
  • Dubois is the first one to be banished to the box for tripping Edmundson.
  • Time for the ol’ Cole PPG.
  • No? Hmmm... weird.
  • This second power play is a little bit ick. Yes, that is the technical term.
  • *Prediction: 40 more minutes like this and we’re coming out on the winning side.

Second period

  • Jets are starting the period on the power play as Pitlick watches from the box. Please don’t let this start off on the wrong foot.
  • Yeah, like that. Having that 10-minute break before starting a power play simply isn’t fair. Who do I talk to about that?
  • Barron bodyslams Harris and gets sent to the box. How you gonna act like that in front of your momma, Morgan?
  • Hellebuyck faces a McFlurry of shots but the puck just doesn’t want to go in.
  • Until Barron drills a pass to Dadonov who slams it home with a slapshot at a sharp angle. #MayTheBestBarronWin
  • Hoffman lets loose a wrist shot and we’re up 2-1! And Barron picks up his second apple in less than two minutes! #MayTheBestBarronWin
  • Dadonov basically gets an empty netter as he sneaks in for the rebound for his second of the period!
  • *Prediction: 20 more minutes like this and we’ve got this in the bag.

Third period

  • Dach unsuccessfully attempts a nice little wraparound.
  • But not to worry... Anderson’s on it and cleans up the rebound to make it 4-1!
  • What a stop by Monty on Ehlers to keep the team’s confidence up. I think he may be doing a mental pat on the back on that one.
  • Dialed-in Monty is hella fun.
  • With mere seconds left, Xhekaj drops the gloves with Lowry. Care to wager on who gets the takedown?
  • Habs beat the Jets 4-1 in style. Who saw that coming?
  • Team effort for the win!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) I thought he deserved to be an NHL star of the week last week. Maybe next?

2) They’re after every first-round pick this summer

1) That’s our Daddy