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Canadiens @ Islanders Top Six Minutes: Stranded on the Island

Montreal bounced back the wrong way and lost to an Islanders team with an identity crisis.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at New York Islanders Thomas Salus-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • If there’s something strange. In your neighborhood.
  • Who you gonna call?
  • Cole Caufield.
  • If there’s something weird and it don’t look good.
  • Who you gonna call?
  • Cole Caufield!
  • I ain’t ‘fraid of no Isles.

First Period

  • Maybe I should be ‘fraid. Isles open best and score first.
  • Casey Cizika(s).
  • Habs better not catch that Cizika virus when on Long Island.
  • 2-0 Islanders.
  • Baker Mayfield has apparently been kicked out of LA and has found his rightful home in Elmont, Long Island. Here to steer his rebound into the net? Québec native Anthony Beauvillier.
  • Because of course the Québec natives always score against the Habs.
  • Every. Loss. Is. (Potentially.) Taking. Us. Closer. To. Connor. Bedard.
  • Just breathe through the pain, boys and girls.
  • Just breathe through it.

Second Period

  • Both Dach and Evans missing to start period two.
  • Eleven little Soldier Boys went to Long Island feeling zen.
  • One got stressed out, and then there were ten.
  • Ten little Soldier Boys skated to the blue line.
  • One couldn’t defend, and then there were nine.
  • Oh yes. Power play.
  • Always love to see what Burrows has up his sleeve.
  • It didn’t result the first time. So let’s try it again.
  • New York Islanders being good chaps and doing their very best to invite the Canadiens back into this contest.
  • Let’s see Johnny Drou score a goal. I want to see it. You want to see it. Everybody wants to see it.

Third Period

  • Nick Suzuki gives hope to the hapless Habs with a terrific solo effort.
  • Drouin continues his wild ride of only getting assists this year.
  • Wouldn’t surprise me if he stands there with 0 goals and 35 assists come trade deadline.
  • Ten minutes to go. The Islanders seem to have fallen asleep.
  • I know, I know... The Canadiens current playing style can do that to anyone.
  • A short minute of pressure without a goaltender in net, and it amounts to nothing.
  • The Canadiens will have to visit the Times Square with frowning faces tomorrow morning.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) She will look great on the wing with Slafkovský and Mesar

2) It’s really the only option

1) At this rate we may see one of those emergency recall situations soon