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Canadiens vs. Predators Top Six Minutes: Triple Low Five magic

A full-effort fun for the win.

Nashville Predators v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • If having a ceremony for P.K. Subban doesn’t bring the energy, I don’t know what will.
  • Subban’s here to watch his two former teams face off. I wonder who he’s cheering for?
  • “These guys will love you no matter what as long as you leave it on the ice every night”. Nailed it.
  • Well, let’s call it a night. It can’t get any better than that.

First period

  • Your turn guys. Let’s see if you can get my heart racing for the second time tonight.
  • Well, this is new. Shots are 5-0 for the Habs five minutes in.
  • Sissons missed a wide-open net. Things are coming up Habs so far.
  • Dach’s penalty is easily killed off. Yay! Seconds after the Preds score. Boo.
  • Evans keeps the fire going that he fueled during Monday night’s game against the Kraken with a wrister that almost gets past Askarov. This kid deserves a goal.
  • The Habs are pushing back. Good stuff.
  • The pushback brought on a little 4-on-4 action. That’s cool. We can handle 4-on-4.
  • Evans gets on the board!! I told you we could handle 4-on-4 and that Evans deserved a goal. I’m on a roll. Must be the triple-low five magic.
  • Now we have a pair of Habs and a pair of Preds in the box to continue 4-on-4. If nothing else, the refs are keeping it even steven.
  • A great play from Drouin to Ylonen to Dach who takes full advantage of the little adventure Askarov took and we’re in the lead!

Second period

  • You know what may have been a factor in ending the first with the lead? Shooting the puck. Outshooting the Predators 19-8 was fun. Let’s keep doing that.
  • Annnd... 12 seconds in the Preds tie it up.
  • Carrier heads to the box for sending the puck over the glass (probably the most annoying penalty to take). Time to take control again, fellas.
  • Can we just make it 4-on-4?
  • Slaf is all in blocking two shots off the foot then skating in to check a Pred who’s fumbling around looking for the puck that’s between his legs.
  • Suzuki gets a chance at a wide-open net and... misses. Oh, Nick.
  • But he can help his buddy Caufield get us back in the lead with his 24th of the season! And on the power play at that! Can I get a whoot-whoot?!
  • Dadonov comes charging toward Askarov, bobs, weaves, get ready to cheer and... he waits and runs out of room. But the look on St-Louis’s face is almost worth it.
  • Xhekaj and Jeannot get slapped with five for fighting after Xhekaj gets the takedown.
  • Caufield gets bowled over by Smith and he looked pretty iffy afterward but he’s still in it so fingers crossed.
  • Evans with another fantastic opportunity beats Askarov but not the inside of the bottom of the post. Argh!
  • That makes two good periods. What is this tomfoolery?

Third period

  • Thankfully Monty looks dialed in this period. Stay that way for the next 16:27 and we’ll be in good shape.
  • Caufield takes advantage of the power play AGAIN and hits number 25 of the season!
  • That makes three apples for Drouin tonight. This game has it all.
  • Let’s get a hatty chant going. Hat-ty. Hat-ty. Hat-ty. That’ll work. It’s triple-low five magic night after all.
  • With 1:29 left, three Preds screen Monty and get the puck past him. Oh, come on.
  • I’ll settle for an empty netter. I’m not picky.
  • A 4-3 win in an entertaining game works just fine for me.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) But he tried

2) A sabre-toothed tiger was no match

1) They’re going undefeated the rest of the way