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Canadiens vs. Jets Top Six Minutes: Three games. Zero wins.

Yes, it’s only pre-season. But a win sure would be nice.

Winnipeg Jets v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Pre-season has been pretty fun so far. Shuffling the deck. Seeing what everyone brings to the table.
  • You know what would make it even more fun?
  • Getting a win.
  • I’m just sayin’.

First period

  • Simoneau blocks a shot with his ankle (on purpose? Who knows?) and goes down.
  • And back up he jumps. That’s the spirit. It’s showtime after all.
  • Simoneau screens Rittich and Guhle lets lose a sweet snipe to open the scoring five minutes in.
  • Pretty sure this kid is gonna nab himself a Habs roster spot.
  • Wideman winds up and off the post.
  • Seems they might also be thinking a win would make it more fun.
  • Gallagher gets bounced around in front of the net just like the good ol’ days but... back to the bench he goes. Oh dear.
  • Oh good. Gally’s back. Whew!
  • With a rare double-deflection the puck gets past Allen to tie it up.
  • Trudeau off the post. Can we make posts count tonight? It’s just pre-season afterall.

Second period

  • I am perfectly fine with Allen being our starter (I love you Carey and miss you terribly). Dare I say, even cool with it (I love you Carey and miss you terribly)
  • Habs head to their fourth power play of the night. If nothing else, the power-play can get some kinks worked out.
  • That’s 0-4. So a lot of kinks then.
  • Ok Primeau, you’re up. I’m on board with Allen running the show this season (I love you Carey and miss you terribly) so show us what you got.
  • The Habs get their first penalty of the game as soon as Primeau takes over. Clearly, they’re testing you too, Cayden.
  • Maier persists and persists some more and the Jets take the lead.
  • Not yet on board, Primeau.

Third period

  • Guhle not only scores goals, he throws the body around. *See First Period prediction.
  • Capobianco, it’s pre-season. No need for cross-checking into the boards. However, we now get our fifth chance at the power play. Fifth time’s a charm, right?
  • Somebody needs to tell the Jets this is pre-season. They are taking this waaaay too seriously. Stanley heads to the box for roughing (read: punching twice in the face while down on the ice) Dach, and Dach takes a seat for “holding”.
  • Dvorak takes a high stick to the face, is bleeding and the refs are... debating it? Discussing how awesome the new Elvis movie is? Making plans to grab a beer after work?
  • Four minutes it is.
  • We’ve got ourselves a tie game thanks to a GALLY GOAL!! On the power-play nonetheless.
  • Gally looks like Gally tonight and it’s awesome.
  • Still on the power play, Caufield follows Gally’s goal up with a goal of his own and we’re back in the lead!
  • Don’t feel bad Holm. Cole is sneaky like that.
  • With 3:29 left, the Jets tie it up.
  • Jets take the lead with 17.5 left.
  • Remember that board, Primeau? Still not on it.

EOTP 3 Stars of the night

3) Cole Caufield is the hero we deserve

2) And yes, he is a thicc boy. Very large. Much muscle.

1) Caufield may be bigger this year, but he FEELS even bigger with some help from his friends.