EOTP Amazing Race 2022!

Welcome folks, to the first ever edition of the Eyes on the Prize Amazing Race!

Similar to the Amazing Race Canada, I will be posting challenges weekly centered around the history of Les Canadiens de Montreal as well as some present day trivia. The weekly challenges found on this fan post will help to determine the "Greatest Hockey Mind" in habs history! The rules for the race is simple, for teams to move on, at least ONE member from the team must get the challenge correct each week. Bonus points will be awarded to teams if both players get the challenge correct and these will be used in the event of a tie in the final week. The challenge for this week will be posted on a Friday and teams will have until the next Friday to complete it. Be careful, if you don't complete a challenge you may be eliminated.

Your first challenge is very simple. For this week I'm asking you to pair up with a fellow EOTP community member. Once you have your partner and team name comment below and I will formally register your team on this page. Since I'm basically the EOTP equivalent of John Montgomery I can not participate, but I look forward to seeing you all participate!

Good luck, and may the best team win!

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