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2022 NHL Free Agency: Discussion thread & verified insiders Twitter stream

Johnny Gaudreau is the top name on the market today, but there are plenty of other players in need of new contracts.

Dallas Stars v Calgary Flames - Game Seven Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

With the draft just wrapping up a few days ago, NHL general manager are back on the phones looking for more immediate solutions to their teams.

Unrestricted free agents are free to sign with new clubs (officially) starting at 12:00 PM EDT. We’ve seen a few big-name players who were set to test free agency sign in recent days, notably Evgeni Malkin who stays in Pittsburgh and Evander Kane re-upping with the Edmonton Oilers, but there are still some stars needing landing spots, and plenty of minor deals to be made as well to shore up depth around the league.

A selection of top unrestricted free agents available

Johnny Gaudreau
Nazem Kadri
Ryan Strome
Claude Giroux
Andre Burakovsky
David Perron