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Montreal @ New Jersey Top Six Minutes: No Sympathy for the Devils

The Canadiens romped in a sloppy affair on Thursday night in Newark.

Montreal Canadiens v New Jersey Devils Photo by Rich Graessle/NHLI via Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • Watching the Frozen Four semis, Brett Stapley has a goal and Rhett Pitlick plays in the late game.
  • I see that Jordan Harris is a scratch tonight and I’m of two minds.
  • He’s played a lot of hockey in the last month, so a day of rest is fine.
  • Also the alternative is a guy who hasn’t proven that he’s worth the spot, but the team does need to see if Kale Clague can offer anything going forward.
  • What’s in everyone’s glass tonight?

First Period

  • Hello Andrew Hammond, I’m very grateful for your three game winning streak in Montreal, but now I need you to be a pumpkin again.
  • The Habs not having beaten New Jersey in regulation since 2017 feels like a fake fact that I sadly know is true.
  • The defensive zone work is still very much lacking, clean it up a little fellas!
  • Hooooo boy that’s a pretty passing play and a really pretty finish from Nick Suzuki.
  • JAKE!
  • There’s so many goals happening, I left to go let the dog out for five seconds.
  • And now Tomas Tatar finally gets on the board against the Habs.
  • It’s a shame one of my vendors at work didn’t take my advice to bet the over in this game tonight.
  • Poor Dom Ducharme is about to trend on Twitter again...
  • What a feed from Suzuki and what a finish by Cole Caufield!
  • Love to see the defence defending Allen from post-whistle nonsense like that from AJ Greer.
  • Really great chance from Joel Armia and David Savard to end the period, love to see the team pushing for my goals.

Second Period

  • Denver vs. Michigan has been a wild affair in OT so far, really helped pass the intermission.
  • Oh baby what a great pad save from Jake Allen to start the period!
  • As great as Allen has been tonight, I would prefer if the Habs didn’t force him to make so many fantastic saves.
  • Okay guys, get it together now, it’s the Devils.
  • Big kill, time to add a goal so I can stop sweating the shot counter so much.
  • I thought for sure Caufield drew a call with that cut towards the net, but apparently not.
  • Of all the goals to go in...Allen makes the save and it still goes in.
  • And now everyone is hugging for some reason.
  • Well, the period ended slightly better than it started at least?

Third Period

  • I humbly request the Habs score like two more goals to seal this game please and thank you.
  • There’s one!
  • There’s two!
  • Poor Andrew Hammond, I can’t help but feel for the guy.
  • Good lord there’s so many goals, fellas I need like three seconds to make highlights please.
  • If there was ever a time for the team to score short-handed, now would be the time.
  • Okay, I’ll settle for a good penalty kill at least.
  • Damn, was hoping to see Ryan Poehling get on the scoresheet again tonight.
  • Cole Caufield is getting so much better every single game, he’s going to be a nightmare for a long time.
  • For the love of god guys, hold it together please.
  • And also try playing at the other end of the ice.
  • Thanks fellas.
  • Big night for people wanting to make an impact in front of Martin St. Louis.
  • Chris Wideman with the quietest three point night I’ve ever seen.
  • Are those Oles in Newark?
  • Nice way to bounce back after a frustrating Tuesday night loss to Ottawa.
  • Bring on the Leafs on Saturday night!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) The buffalo get to keep their wings for another day

2) A two-for-one deal at Hammond’s expense

1) This is the most amazing stat of the night