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Canadiens vs. Bruins Top 10 Minutes: Remembering excellence

Tonight we celebrated the life and legacy of the first player drafted in 1971. Could 2022 become the start of a new era led by another first overall pick?

Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Tonight is not about winning. Tonight is about celebrating greatness.
  • Merci pour tout, Guy. Reposez en paix.


  • Just too bad that it had to be Boston. I don’t want to see Boston winning. Ever.
  • Even if it would take us another step closer to an 18,5 per cent possibility of picking first overall in a draft that has no clear first overall pick.
  • Maybe it’s better after all to pick second and not having to do as much of the choosing?
  • Then again, I would rather have a Nico Hischier than a Nolan Patrick.
  • And rather a Jack Hughes than a Kaapo Kakko.
  • And rather an Alexis Lafrenière than a Quinton Byfield...
  • You know what? Let’s go for that first overall!
  • Imagine that draft party though. In Montreal. (Hopefully) post-Covid. Summer time. And a first overall selection in front of the home fans (including yours truly). Mamma Mia, la vie peut être belle quelque fois.

First Period

  • Edmundson to the box and Baaahstaaan gets the first power play of the night.
  • Ethan Bear > Bruin Bear.
  • Yes. I know he’s in Carolina and barely playing, but he’s still a preferable bear to the ones I’m forced to watch right now.
  • Patrice “Selke 4ever” Bergeron opens the scoring after 15 minutes. Merde. Or is it?
  • For once, Mike Hoffman does a decent job of back-tracking and catches Erik Haula from a break away.
  • So of course, the refs decided to penalize him and award Haula a penalty shot, which he converted.
  • In the words of almighty Kenny Loggins: “The tank is on. The tank is oh-on”
  • Marchand does what Marchand does and goes after Jeff Petry for a clean bodycheck on Bergeron.

Second Period

  • And Montreal scores on their 10th shot of the game. Because of course they did.
  • It’s a Power Horse world and we’re living in it. Josh Anderson only needs one more to reach 20 on the season.
  • Erik Haula gets his second (but first legitimate) goal of the night. Just to dampen any hopes of a Habs comeback.
  • What? So you mean refs can call embellishment on a possible dive? Tim Stützle oughta tremble now...
  • Goal scorer Anderson does his best swan dive impression to draw yet another Bruin penalty.
  • Here comes the Habs 4-on-3. Haven’t seen that too much.
  • It’s a surprisingly intense affair. Fun to watch.
  • Remember Mike Reilly? 90 games for the Habs between 2018 and 2020.
  • Apparently he’s now worth $3 million per year. Atta boy, Mikey.
  • McAvoy drills the fourth one past Montembeault.
  • At least it was a game for almost two periods.

Third Period

  • Do we really need a third period?
  • Power play.
  • The Hoff is out here looking for freedom and he’s got it!
  • Three seconds of power play time and Mike Hoffman has the Habs within two.
  • Once again, Montreal takes 10 shots to score a goal.
  • If you’re looking for symbolism, it is there for the taking.
  • Dr. Nick has his 21st on shot number 21. No ten shots were needed this time. The Habs are within one. Wat?
  • Montreal’s doing well to surge back in this game. This is the team we’ve become used to see during MSL’s tenure #neverquit.
  • Best case scenario now: Continue forward, pepper Jeremy Swayman with shots and come away with an honourable loss that still demonstrates promise on several levels.
  • Empty-netter. 5-3 Bruins. That wraps it up.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Probably not far off what the roster will be

2) Playing the long game

1) Keep it fun, get no points, as the tank commands