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Canadiens vs. Flyers Top Six Minutes: Foiled by the Flyers

Even getting away with a hand pass didn’t get help get a win.

Philadelphia Flyers v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Both the Habs and the Flyers are riding a six-game losing streak.
  • Someone’s streak will end tonight.
  • Let’s get a win for Carey.
  • Seriously though. Win.

First period

  • Gallagher blocks a shot and heads off down the tunnel. Good start.
  • Oh good. He’s back already.
  • Van Riemsdyk tucks one behind Price to open the scoring.
  • Pitlick to Petry and... oh so close.
  • Three good chances. Sharing the puck is not getting us squat. Stop passing and just shoot the puck!
  • We are so going to get our butts kicked.
  • Starting now. That makes two for the Flyers.
  • Mad scramble, Jones is out of his net and Hoffman manages to get the puck in!
  • However, was it a glove pass made by Gallagher during the scramble?
  • Yes it was but nobody seems to care so Habs actually get a break and we’ve got ourselves a goal!
  • With just seconds left Gallagher tries to deflect one in on the power play. The puck rides the crossbar, to the post and... out.

Second period

  • Turns out the refs told the Flyers coaching staff that they weren’t allowed to challenge Gallagher’s hand pass. That’s wrong but dumb officiating finally worked in our favour for a change so, yay.
  • And just to make it crazier, Gallagher got the assist.
  • Evans jumps in to redirect Petry’s shot and we’re all tied up!
  • I’m pretty sure this is the most I’ve heard Petry’s name all season. He too must be excited that there are only four games left.
  • Lindblom goes short side and the Flyers are back in the lead.
  • Konecny goes glove side to put the Flyers up by two once again.
  • Price is not happy. Join the club, Carey. Join the club.
  • A rush by Anderson, gets the shot away, and misses.
  • An Anderson goal and a Price win. Is that too much to ask?

Third period

  • Will starting the final period 4-on-4 work to our advantage?
  • Nope.
  • Suzuki shows off some sweet stickhandling as he weaves through traffic but to follow the trend of the night, decides to pass instead of shoot and it backfires.
  • Petry carries the puck in, goes around the net, fires a shot, and you guessed it. Nadda.
  • Rem Pitlick heads to the box for tripping because why not.
  • Petry with a nifty pass that offers Tyler Pitlick an opportunity to notch a shorty but elevates it way too high.
  • Frost scoops up Pitlicks turnover and puts the puck between Price’s legs.
  • One minute later Van Riemsdyk gets his second of the night to make it 6-2.
  • Remember that butt-kicking I was talking about? This is it.
  • Caufield finally finds the back of the net 37 seconds later. Too little too late, Cole.
  • Turns out an Anderson goal and a Price win was too much to ask.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Truly a rare occurrence

2) It’s a win as legitimate as that goal

1) Your move, Fortuna