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Canadiens vs. Wild Top Six Minutes: Willingly walking into the Wild

The effort was there for most of the night, while the execution simply was not.

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • No Jake Evans tonight. That’s a shame.
  • Another Carey Price evaluation game? Oui, s’il vous plaît.

First period

  • Feeling like the Wild are playing like an angry bear tonight.
  • How many of them are there on the ice? It has to be more than five.
  • Have the Habs even crossed mid-ice yet?
  • Power play goal. Kevin Fiala is as accurate as a Swiss Quartz watch.
  • That was not the right time to go collecting a new stick from the bench, Larry D.
  • If the first eight minutes are a sign, the Canadiens will lose tonight.
  • Pitlick the Elder gets one power play back to the home side.
  • Give is about fourteen more of those and maybe we will score one as well.
  • Imagine some teams only needing a single power play to score... They may say I’m a dreamer.
  • So far in this game, Carey Price has been out skating behind his own net more than his 18 teammates have been inside the Minnesota zone.
  • Another power play. Yay.
  • And it’s immediate implosion by Cole Caufield which causes Chris Wideman to take a penalty to save a short-handed goal.

Second period

  • Lord Byron seems to be absent from the start of the second.
  • Both Pitlicks demonstrate their velocity tonight.
  • Byron has been ruled out. Will we need to deplete the Rocket?
  • Tyler Pitlick with his first as a Canadien!
  • Scratch that. It gets taken away due to an unnecessary ,yet very minor, goaltender interference by Larry Dolphins.
  • Gallagher shakes his head on the bench in a melange of disdain and disbelief.
  • Dauphin tries to argue his case with the referees, but they end up denying him justice due to his pornstar moustache.
  • When a moustache like is adorned on your upper lip, you will always look guilty in the eyes of jurors.
  • Unless your name is Steve Harvey. Or Super Mario. Those guys get away with it.
  • Actually, they have done a fairly decent job of retaining the Wild after the first frenzy of minutes. This is an even-ish game now...
  • ... with the obvious caveat being that Minnesota is much more glued together as a team and have better skill players who can create something out of nothing.

Third period

  • Matt Boldy was drafted eleventh overall when Cole Caufield dropped to 15. Now he has scored 15 goals in his rookie season.
  • A little cheeky between the legs finish found the net from a tricky angle.
  • Well-deserved? Not anymore, I’d say.
  • Let’s pretend, let’s pretend, let’s pretend we scored a goal!
  • It’s just another one of those nights where the puck just refuses to cross the line. Watcha gonna do?
  • “Just put MSL on the first power play, duuuh?”
  • Harris takes a puck over glass-penalty with three minutes left to play.
  • If things looked bleak before, they look completely bleached now.
  • Ending the game with a two-man deficit.
  • Bonne nuit, Montréal.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) The worst side effects of both

2) A really impressive shutout streak

1) Girl, same