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Bottom Six Minutes 76: When Nick Suzuki gets angry

You wouldn’t like Nick Suzuki when he’s angry. Or, maybe you would.

Washington Capitals v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

The Montreal Canadiens got shelled by the Washington Capitals on Saturday night. Though they did manage four more goals than they provided Carey Price in his return to action on Friday, allowing eight the other way was more than enough to negate that progress. There wasn’t a lot to take from this game, as it was expected that the Capitals would win, even if giving up eight goals was surprising for the Habs.

My takeaway from this contest was that an angry Nick Suzuki is something else.

With the game essentially out of reach, Suzuki scored a goal so good that he obliterated the net camera in the process.

And then he celebrated with all the enthusiasm of a person heading to a funeral. He wasn’t happy that he scored a gorgeous goal, he was upset that the score was as bad as it was. Prior to this play, he was absolutely flying, trying to do everything in his power to get a goal.

He doesn’t strike me as a player who does this for his own stat sheet, particularly since he already inked his long-term deal. He’s just a very competitive player, and though he’s put on a brave face in this season, he seems to loathe the lopsided losses. This attitude will serve the Canadiens well as they try to get back to competing, and it is something that he can hopefully impart upon his teammates.

Maybe that’s why some are talking about the possibility of him being the next captain of this team.

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