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Canadiens vs. Jets Top Six Minutes: Habs can’t prevent liftoff

If it wasn’t for Montembeault’s fancy saves, this could have been pretty painful.

Winnipeg Jets v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Let’s forget about the last time we faced off against the Jets.
  • Especially you, Montembeault.
  • Redemption time.

First period

  • Monty’s almost caught out of position on the first shot he faced. Wakey, wakey, Sam.
  • Good pace from both teams so far. This is the only game on the docket tonight so let’s make it a good one, fellas.
  • Harris has been in the NHL for how long? Gotta be a veteran by now the way he plays.
  • It’s game number 200 for Suzuki. You know the best way to celebrate that achievement don’t you, Nick? Winky face.
  • Shots are tied at three with seven minutes left. I guess we won’t be enjoying a high-scoring affair tonight.
  • Nice save by Monty on Lowry! Plan Redemption has begun.

Second period

  • Armia shows off his hand-eye coordination, bats the puck out of the air and opens the scoring 29 seconds in! Or it was a fluke. That’s fine too.
  • Montembeault’s saves just keep getting sweeter! What would you call that? A sliding splits glove save?
  • How dare you score on Monty after that amazing save?! Just not cool, Barron. Not cool.
  • Stastny puts the Jets up by one.
  • Remember those great saves you were making, Monty? That was fun. Let’s do that again.
  • There’s one!
  • Anderson checks Morrissey and falls to the ice with Morrissey. Anderson can fall down after a check? He’s a little slow to get up and heads to the bench. Please just be tired, please just be tired.
  • Monty my man! Plan Redemption indeed.
  • Oh good, Anderson is back.
  • Dubois gets called for holding Suzuki and off to our first power play we go. If we can’t hold him then neither can you.

Third period

  • Pitlick slides headfirst into Hellebuyk’s net. Too bad he didn’t have the puck with him.
  • Petry’s shot from the blueline is redirected by Anderson! That makes career goal #100 for Anderson and a tie game!
  • Evans takes a stick to the face. I’m pretty sure that poor kid gets hit in the head more than any other player.
  • So, does that mean we’re on the power play, you ask? No.
  • Three-on-two and Svechnikov manages to get the puck out of his skates and in the net.
  • Lowry hits the post before Monty follows it up with a save on Appleton.
  • Jets seal the deal with an empty-netter.
  • Clearly the only people fully on board with Plan Redemption were Montembeault, Armia and Anderson.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) I think that should count

2) Boosting his value for the off-season

1) He made some of the best offensive plays in the game