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Canadiens @ Devils Top Six Minutes: Playing the pipes

The Habs came up just a bit short on their weekend back-to-back.

Montreal Canadiens v New Jersey Devils Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/NHLI via Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • Finally finished the Halo Infinite campaign, and I am still very confused as to what the heck is even going on in this game series anymore.
  • It’s debut day for Justin Barron, can we get a Barron to Lord Byron combo at some point today?
  • For those also keeping track on the prospects in the Frozen Four, Rhett Pitlick and Minnesota already won.
  • Ty Smilanic and Quinnipiac are down two goals against Michigan early on.
  • Let’s do that hockey!

First Period

  • Okay, rookie goalie with rough numbers playing a back to back, do the thing Habbies.
  • Monty looks sharp early on, which means he’s going to give up a goal shortly because I am a total jinx.
  • I like the aggressive play from the defence early on, looks like they’re more willing to step up into the rush and keep the offence pushing forward.
  • Great save from Montembeault on Jesper Bratt!
  • I had completely forgotten that Dougie Hamilton played for the Devils now.
  • Based on what I just watched in the corner, I guess the officials decided that cross-checking is allowed tonight...Until it isn’t.
  • There’s that mistake I mentioned!
  • Poor Monty, he’s had such a good period.
  • Well, as far as periods of hockey go, that was one of them.

Second Period

  • Nice start to the period from Mike Hoffman, would be nice to see him get rewarded for those efforts.
  • What’s great about the lack of whistles so far, is that this ugly looking contest is flying by fairly quickly!
  • That’s an impressive penalty considering where the play was when the Devils were called for too many men.
  • I would like to request that the Habs score a goal here though.
  • That was not great!
  • I like a lot of what I’ve seen from Justin Barron tonight, nothing crazy but I like what I see.
  • Oh Josh, offensive zone penalties are bad bud.
  • That doesn’t help either, down 2-0.
  • Poor Alexander Romanov looks like he’s seen a ghost.
  • Now would be a very good time for the power play to work.
  • Or we can get into a fight I suppose.
  • I really need Nico Daws to stop doing that thing he’s doing right now...You know making saves.
  • I was going to yell about a Jesse Ylönen goal, but I’ll settle for the nice deflection by Josh Anderson!
  • Ty Smilanic also just set up a great goal for Quinnipiac, not a bad end to the period!

Third Period

  • Win the third boys!
  • Miss one call, but call the next one like clockwork.
  • Big big penalty kill!
  • And now it’s a Habs power play!
  • You can feel that the power play is getting closer to what it should be, and with a cobbled together second unit no less.
  • You can’t let a dude hit Nick Suzuki like that and not answer for it.
  • I would also like the team to score a second goal at some point.
  • Massive glove save from Montembeault!
  • The Habs getting a power play out of that scrambled mess is impressive.
  • “Hoffman is frustrated” yeah, same Dave Poulin.
  • I know it’s limited minutes, but there’s something really special coming with Jesse Ylönen.
  • Well, I had to delete a whole bunch of stuff


  • Absolutely buzzing, win or lose this team still refuses to go quietly.
  • Justin Barron starting in OT is a huge vote of confidence from the coaches.
  • I am begging Mike Hoffman to simply pass the puck to the fastest guy on the team.
  • Barron cracked Daws right in the head, ouch.
  • GOAL?!
  • NO GOAL?!
  • No goal on the Double Doink.
  • I am out of breath, what an OT.
  • Ice Cold Cole Caufield.
  • I can’t even be mad at that Jack Hughes goal, my god he’s got hands.
  • Guys, I’ve got a dog to take out.
  • Well that felt anticlimactic and far too long.
  • Perfect for the tank though!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) It’s been a great ride for the team

2) Really putting the “dent” in Prudential Center

1) I don’t even know what’s happening here, but I like it