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Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes: Outshot but not outgunned

Seriously though, what would the Habs do without Jake Allen?

Toronto Maple Leafs v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Welcome to the team, William Lagesson! We like making the Leafs cry. You on board with that?

First period

  • Ugh, Matthews scores 36 seconds in. Let’s hope this is not a sign of how the night is going to go.
  • Caufield throwing a check at centre ice is pretty sweet.
  • Lagesson’s been stuck on the ice for almost two minutes. Make the new guy do all the work, hey fellas?
  • I realize the Leafs will get away with murder tonight because, you know, it’s the Leafs, but someone needs to remind the refs what interference is.
  • Big save on Tavares by Allen!
  • Bodies are being thrown since the first puck drop. This could get chippy sooner rather than later.
  • Nine minutes in and the Habs finally get a shot on net. It didn’t go in mind you but let’s build on that, shall we?

Second period

  • The Suzuki line was starting to heat up towards the end of the first. Maybe they’ll get hotter this period.
  • Refs aren’t calling penalties tonight so why does it look like the Leafs are on the power play?
  • They finally make it to the other end of the ice and Dvorak ties it up!
  • Challenge for offside. Naturally.
  • Suzuki was offside so back to square one we go. Don’t worry, he’ll make up for it.
  • Or Savard will! He picks up a great cross-crease pass from Dauphin and we’re tied at one again!
  • Leafs get a penalty. Huh, who knew that was possible.
  • Four-on-two the Leafs go for a shorty. Not on Allen’s watch.
  • Wakey, wakey, Kallgren, the Habs found the other end of the ice.
  • Wow, the refs must have gotten a refresher on what interference is as Holl heads to the box for interference on Anderson.
  • After back-to-back wide shots, Caufield finally finds the back of the net to take the lead! This is how awesome the shot was... a Leafs fan smiled at him.

Third period

  • Tyler Pitlick and Pezzetta are both done for the night with upper-body injuries. Told ya bodies were being thrown.
  • Bunting acts like an annoying little brother until Edmundson finally gets called for roughing.
  • Allen heads to the right of the next, quickly shifts back to the left to make a toe save. Dude is gooood.
  • Nylander ties it up on the power play just as Edmundson takes another penalty.
  • Pure robbery on Marner by Allen!! Couldn’t have happened to a better person.
  • Kallgren fights back with a pretty darn good save on Savard. And you know it’s good if I’m admitting it.
  • What a play by Anderson as he dives to stop Simmond’s breakaway just inches away from Allen.
  • Matthews gets knocked on his butt as Byron fakes out everyone and takes the lead with 2:28 left! I honestly don’t know which is better.
  • Dvorak with the dagger!!
  • In case you lost count, that’s 51 shots on goal for the Leafs, 18 for the Habs, and the Habs take the game 4-2.
  • It’s ok to giggle. I am.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) They parked it in the crease for this game

2) An accurate depiction of Auston Matthews getting run over at the blue line

1) Might as well learn to love him, Leafs fans