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Canadiens vs. Bruins Top Six Minutes: Show must go on

After a busy Trade Deadline day, the Habs grab a point thanks to a stellar performance from Jake Allen.

Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • So, how was your Trade Deadline day?
  • Don’t get attached to players, they say.
  • It’s only business, they say.
  • Well, I say, Colorado you better win Lehky that Cup.
  • Alas, as the late great Freddie Mercury once sang, the show must go on.

First period

  • Romanov cross-checks Marchand and causes a pile-up thanks to Marchand’s diving abilities. And we’re just one minute in. The rivalry lives on.
  • Anderson zigzags his way between Bruins but is eventually knocked off the puck as he closes in on Swayman.
  • Byron almost opens the scoring which, of course, causes more shoving in front of the net.
  • This time it’s Marchand who heads to the box for tripping Caufield.
  • Marchand jumps out of the penalty box and gets on the board. Clearly, he’s bringing the full Marchandiness tonight.
  • Savard heads to the box for tripping the Magnificent Diving Marchand. Dude, seriously, do you work on your diving techniques during practice ‘cause you’re nailing it.
  • Anderson picks up a turnover in the Bruins zone but can’t tie it up.

Second period

  • Drouin on a breakaway, McAvoy interferes. Penalty shot?!
  • Not on this refs watch.
  • Pezzetta throwing the body around is always fun. Actually, Pez in general is fun.
  • Pez takes a crosscheck and is lying on the ice waiting for some kind of call (spoiler: there wasn’t one) BUT, Savard keeps the play going and gets on the board!
  • Anderson shoots, Suzuki tries to clean it up but nadda. He did, however, draw an interference call so we’ll take it.
  • Savard almost notches his second of the period causing Swayman to flail about and lie there like a starfish. Whatever works, I suppose.
  • How is that a penalty against Romanov?! Seriously, I have no idea. Obviously, McAvoy is taking lessons from Marchand. Or he simply panicked when he saw Romanov in the vicinity.
  • Whoa Allen! What a perfect — and pretty windmill — save with just over a second left to go.
  • It was so awesome that Romanov couldn’t stop himself from saying, “Wow” from the box.

Third period

  • Shorthanded, two-on-one, and Armia snipes one to take the lead!
  • All due to a turnover by Marchand (cue evil laugh).
  • Schueneman off the crossbar!
  • With four shots on goal, I feel an Anderson goal. It’s the only thing that will ease my Lehkonen pain.
  • A great defensive play by Evans springs Byron, who passes to Drouin, who comes oh so close to a two-goal lead.
  • Another amazing save by Allen to keep the lead.
  • Romanov blocks a shot and his ankle pays for it.
  • Allen, my man. You’re on fire tonight.
  • Damn you, Clifton! How dare you tie it up with three minutes left.
  • Soooo... about that Anderson goal...
  • McAvoy and Evans head to the box for roughing with 17 seconds left. It really should just be McAvoy for interference but I digress.


  • Marchand... just, ugh.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Not a bad personal rivalry to watch over the next three-plus years

2) More Paul Bunyan than Paul Byron

1) Makes it a pretty easy decision on which team to cheer for in the playoffs