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Habsent Minded 4.47: European Prospect Report with Anton Rasegård and Patrik Bexell

Some updates on the European prospects, who are all facing various issues at the end of the season.

Tommy Holl

The European Prospect Report goes podcast in this episode. Anton Rasegård joins the podcast to talk through the European Prospects: Frederik Dichow, Mattias Norlinder, Emil Heineman, Jacob Olofsson, Oliver Kapanen, Alexander Gordin, and Dmitry Kostenko. Everything in Europe is overshadowed by the Russian invasion into Ukraine and this might influence next season’s contracts.

Dichow might have had a slide by his normal standards, but he is still at the top of the goalie stats in HockeyAllsvenskan, and it will be interesting to see how he will grow his play next season.

Mattias Norlinder has fallen down the ranks, partly because of his long stint in Montreal. Heineman has been off the roster since the trade to the Canadiens, and Olofsson is back in HockeyAllsvenskan once more, where it seems he will top out.

Oliver Kapanen has had a weird season, and one has to wonder with how KalPa and Tommi Miettinen develop players, will Kapanen even be with the team next season? He went on loan to Kärpät, and that is a team that really could help him grow.

The future of the Russian players is uncertain, partly with sanctions for Russia, but also due to performance. Gordan has not taken the step forward as one could have hoped, and Kostenko is in the bind of being to good for the MHL and not good enough for the KHL.

Hear the discussion between Anton and Patrik to get some more information and thoughts on the European prospects.