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Bottom Six Minutes 45: Jeff Petry isn’t helping his trade value

Though it’s hard to single out one performance in a 7-1 loss, Jeff Petry’s was concerning.

NHL: FEB 08 Devils at Canadiens

There is a lot one could say about a 7-1 Montreal Canadiens loss at the hands of the New Jersey Devils. I was tempted to once again renew my call for the Tricolore to hire a new coach after watching that debacle, but I feel my position on that is clear enough for the moment. I tried instead to think of which performance on the ice was most concerning in this latest embarrassment of a game.

Jeff Petry’s stood out, and was particularly concerning due to the fact that he apparently wants to be traded.

I don’t want to lay this loss at Petry’s feet — there will always be plenty of blame to go around in a 7-1 loss — but he was on the ice for four of the seven goals against. He looked uninterested at times, and was a shadow of the player we’ve become accustomed to through his time in Montreal. I’ll single out just one of the goals in question, as I believe it to be the worst.

Micheal McLeod is Petry’s man, but a little puck watching and a lazy attempt to get back into position results in this goal. It hasn’t just been this game either, as his overall game this season isn’t nearly up to the standard he’s set in his career.

Kent Hughes might want to try and pull the trigger on a Petry trade as soon as humanly possible. Performances like this can’t help his trade value, and while his selling points will be what he has done in the past more so than what he’s doing now, interested parties might look elsewhere if this is to continue.

Eh ben... Click the play button below to listen to your full Bottom Six Minutes, which is also available on your podcast platform of choice. Next up will be the Washington Capitals this Thursday night, which could end up equally ugly if this team can’t put forth a better effort.