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Canadiens vs Sabres Top Six Minutes: The Suzuki-Caufield Show

Suzuki and Caufield light the way, Montembeault earns his first shutout, and the Habs win their fourth straight, despite losing Byron and Anderson.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

It’s probably far too much to hope for another win, isn’t it? Eh, I’m gonna do it anyway.

First Period

  • I must say, I enjoy watching Jake Evans, and this was true even before the Habs started winning.
  • More accidentally turning the puck over to Cole Caufield in front of the Sabres net please!
  • Please don’t break Paul Byron again. Oh no.
  • Oh boy. Byron isn’t happy either. Not a good sign.
  • Well. If the Habs don’t win, it won’t be from lack of effort, which is certainly comforting.
  • AAATTTA BOY NICK!!!!!!! OH man, I sure do hope we see SO MANY goals from Caufield to Suzuki for years and years to come. (And the reverse too, obviously.)
  • Oh geez. Not Evans too. Look, I wanted a win, but not at the expense of half the team.
  • Oh thank goodness, Evans is back
  • Welp, the power play will need some work. But at least it wasn’t a Power Kill.
  • That was a fun shift from Dauphin.
  • Gosh darn it Anderson, did you HAVE to stop that? (I mean, yes, I’m aware that that is your JOB, but still.) That was a really nice move by Caufield though.
  • I am glad Jeff Skinner is having a good career. I just wish he hadn’t been so potent against the Habs of late...
  • The Sabres already have SIXTEEN turnovers? Good lord.
  • That was a nice shift from Romanov.
  • Well, that was a good period, all things considered!
  • Can we have Marie-Philip Poulin always?

Second Period

  • TWENTY ONE giveaways in the first period from Buffalo??? That’s more than an entire game’s worth!
  • Buffalo certainly seems to be more awake now though.
  • GAH.
  • Such a shame that NONE of them were able to get that in the net.
  • Why is it that when someone is bleeding it’s almost always Gallagher?
  • Oh god I have anxiety.
  • That was a GLORIOUS move. And the roar from the crowd was so satisfying.
  • Haha Caufield in the box. Adorable.
  • That was an EXTREMELY good bit of defending from Chiarot.
  • You would think that by this time, I’d have stopped thinking of Plekanec every time I see a 14 taking faceoffs in the defensive zone.
  • And now an excellent bit of defending from Kulak.
  • ACK! Habs!
  • Oh man, how glorious would it have been if Suzuki had gotten the hat trick on a shorty.
  • That was a really good penalty kill.
  • Stop making Gally bleed his own blood.
  • Naturally my internet panics and doesn’t work again until the fight is over.
  • Get the tiny goal boy a goal.
  • Oh God. Not Anderson too. Why can’t the Habs just have nice things.
  • I keep wanting to praise how well Montembeault is seeing the puck, but I’m so afraid that the moment I do he’ll let in a stinker. Because that’s definitely how hockey works.
  • Suzuki almost had the hat trick again.

Third Period

  • Can we just make it through this period without someone else getting hit in the face and having to leave the game? Please?
  • (Also, Suzuki point!!!)
  • We were so robbed of a Caufield Calder.
  • Ohhhh man, if only someone had been there to take the puck from Caufield there. You know, like Suzuki, so he could get that hat trick.
  • That whole shift from Caufield was great with that block too.
  • Dear Bell Centre, it’s far to early for the olés. You’re going to make me REALLY nervous.
  • UGH a Gally goal would really have been the icing on the cake.
  • It is so encouraging just to see the Habs look like a real hockey team again.
  • Ohhh Pitlick almost had one there.
  • Jeff Skinner, man.
  • (To the rhythm of “Go Habs go!”) Montembeault! Montembeault! Montembeault!
  • Oh, I’m really glad Evans got that goal.
  • How lovely!
  • You guys, the Habs did it.
  • The win streak extends to four with a perfect 4-0 outing!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) We’ll just pretend this is the real start of the season

2) Whatever works

1) Good luck, Senators