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Canadiens @ Canucks Top Six Minutes: Let’s never speak of this game again

It was great, it was bad, and it was even worse!

Montréal Canadiens v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Derek Cain/Getty Images

Pre-game thoughts

  • There is no sane reason that this game needs to start at 10:30pm ET, it’s as offensive as the 11pm start during the covid season.
  • At least my energy drink tastes like sour gummy bears, that’s a nice plus.
  • I think we’re going to see another great game from Sean Monahan, and hopefully by proxy Juraj Slafkovsky.
  • Also Jordan Harris goal?

First Period

  • It took less than a minute for Craig Button to begin screaming.
  • Samuel Montembeault looks to be in for a long night based on the start of this game folks.
  • Hey they finally got a shot on goal!
  • I cannot stand that hit from Luke Schenn on Slafkovsky, and I wish Arber Xhekaj would have picked his spot for after Schenn gets out of the box.
  • Well, Joel Armia is playing I guess?
  • Good lord is that Josh Anderson killing a penalty?
  • That pass from Kaiden Guhle was obscene and I want to watch it on repeat forever.
  • Also Nick Suzuki is good at hockey.
  • The price for Sean Monahan keeps going up every single game, and I think that’s beautiful.
  • What in the name of Maurice Richard is going on?!
  • Jordan Harris is absolutely on one tonight, what a first period for the rookie!
  • Ending the period with a big reverse hit by Guhle? Sure why not!

Second Period

  • It’s been nearly a minute and the Habs haven’t scored, what gives?
  • Some folks say Colin Delia is still spinning to this very day.
  • Why is Luke Schenn so mad at all the Habs?
  • I for one, would like to see a first NHL goal for Jonathan Kovacevic.
  • Ooooo good to see the PowerHorse revving up in this one.
  • If I were the Canucks I would simply retire after getting cooked for a whole minute in the OZ by Michael Pezzetta.
  • OEL might wanna consider surgery now, considering Jake Evans stole his ankles.
  • Well, they had to score one eventually.
  • Okay guys, can we not do the “blowing a four goal lead” thing?
  • That’s not how you want to see a team leave a period when they entered it with a four goal advantage.

Third Period

  • Let’s try scoring a fifth goal here Habs!
  • Let’s try getting a shot on goal here Habs!
  • Oh, or not.
  • Josh Anderson cannot buy a goal to say his life, my god.
  • I guess you can shatter Christian Dvorak’s stick on a faceoff and it’s not a penalty.
  • This isn’t fun anymore!
  • Sort of feels like the fifth Canucks goal is inevitable.
  • Jake, I love ya bud but you have to finish that chance.
  • And then Montembeault for as good as he’s been all night blows it.
  • With the way this game has gone I am very excited to see how the Habs play on a back to back in Seattle tomorrow.
  • Dear god it’s 1am, why did I put myself through this?
  • The Habs, never doing things the easy way with a late penalty kill now.
  • I am again asking for a goalie goal from the Habs please.
  • ...
  • Joel Edmundson, what are you doing?
  • Sure, why not overtime!


  • Cole, please score quickly.
  • Matheson falls/is tripped and the Canucks win it.
  • I can’t tell if I’m happy it’s over or furious that the Habs blew this game to a legitimately terrible team in the Canucks.
  • Onto Seattle I suppose.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) They were actually trying to score goals

2) He’s an important cog in this machine

1) A three-point game may have saved this marriage