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Canadiens @ Capitals Top Six Minutes: Bring on 2023

Well, that was a less-than-ideal way to end the year.

Montreal Canadiens v Washington Capitals Photo by John McCreary/NHLI via Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Last game of 2022! Let’s do it up right!

First period

  • Gustafsson opens the scoring 32 seconds in. Good thing it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s acceptable to already have a drink poured.
  • If nothing else, you’re consistent Allen. What they should start doing is have Allen start his game about two minutes before everyone else so then he’ll be ready.
  • Or...maybe a five-minute head start would be better considering the Caps are now up 2-0 due in part to an Anderson turnover (I still love you, Josh).
  • Suzuki with a great scoring chance but is denied by Lindgren. Charlie, you used to be one of us, whaddya say you let us have a few for old time's sake?
  • Perhaps the Habs have big New Year’s Eve plans and just want to get this over with.
  • Anderson gives Ovi and friends a man-advantage opportunity. (I still love you, Josh. Maybe a little less, but it’s there).
  • Well, well, well, pretty nice PK there fellas. Let’s build on that, shall we?
  • Gallagher gets taken down by Eller in the corner and hobbles to the bench breaking his stick in frustration along the way. Poor Gally.

Second period

  • And looks like Gally’s not coming back. Ever? Who knows.
  • Ohh... a little 4-on-4 action. Is anyone going to take advantage I wonder?
  • Now’s your chance fellas! We get a 4-on-3 for almost 1:30 minutes.
  • Caufield gets it done with his 20th of the season!
  • Hey, look! Gally’s back.
  • Dowd, take away any bit of fun we just started having why don’t you?
  • Don’t you already have enough goals, Ovechkin? Now you’re just showing off.
  • That’s two more goals in less than two minutes. Seems Caufield has made the Capitals a little angry.
  • Anderson off the crossbar. Nice try, Josh. I still love you.
  • Caufield’s not going down without a fight and cuts the lead in half again all by his lonesome!
  • However, the Caps are working together and Strome is the fifth player to get a puck past Allen.

Third period

  • Everyone have their drink ready? Ok. Let’s push through the final 20 minutes. We can do this if we stick together.
  • Allen stops Hathaway AND his rebound. Good start... to the third period.
  • Or not. Ovi notches his second of the night as Suzuki watches from the box.
  • Remember that drink we had ready? Enjoy ‘cause it’s the only way we’re getting through the next 14 minutes with another 7-2 score. We may not make it to midnight though.
  • The Capitals are trying to score now by having players get past Allen and into the net. Lucky for us, that doesn’t count.
  • Remember when the Habs were beaten by the Panthers 7-2 earlier in the week? This is now officially worse.
  • Coaches challenge. It was offside and we’re back to 7-2. Take whatever win you can get St-Louis.
  • That is until Mantha actually makes it 8-2, 44 seconds after the disallowed goal.
  • Bet you were thinking this game couldn’t get any worse. Well, have I got news for you, my friend. How do you feel about an Ovi hat trick?
  • Just when we thought we couldn’t take any more 2022 Habs hockey, it comes to an end.
  • Cheers! We made it... sorta.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Your move, Montembeault

2) Well so much for that

1) Thanks for being here. There should plenty of fun things to discuss in 2023.