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A conversation with Frederik Dichow on his stop-start season

The goaltender discusses what it’s been like serving as a backup, getting some time with the national team, and meeting Henrik Lundqvist.

Germany - Denmark Photo by Rolf Vennenbernd/picture alliance via Getty Images

Following a recent game for Frederik Dichow with Frölunda, we had a chance to catch up with Montreal Canadiens’ goaltending prospect.

Great game on Boxing Day, a couple of night ago. Any comments on it?

It was, it was. Nice to be playing again. That was a great effort for me and I felt pretty good and confident. It was too bad I had to go and get a really terrible cramp in there so I couldn’t move my leg, but you know, it was a good game. It was a good confidence booster to go out and perform like that again.

Has it been difficult after being pulled in the game against Timrå, and coming back and not really playing a lot of games as Lars Johansson has gotten the starts?

Yeah, obviously it’s ... it’s a bit different than what I have been used to, but it’s a good learning experience and I just had to be practising a little bit harder to get ready. It was good to go out there again. It was also good to get the National Team games in Germany in between those sections.

So you got some games in, and maybe got a confidence boost as well?

You know, every time we get a chance to go out and play with your national team and represent your country, you want to do it. It was fun to play with them again. It’s a different kind of hockey and that’s one-team hockey, especially playing a little bit more defensive and trying to score on our chances. It was a lot of fun to get a lot of shots again and play that kind of games. It was a great experience and something, when I got the chance to participate, I couldn’t say no.

Lastly, obviously celebrating Henrik Lundqvist today, what has he meant to you?

He’s been an idol for me since I grew up playing hockey. So getting to see him in person and going to have dinner with him is always special, and something I will definitely remember forever. I haven’t talked to him yet; it’s a bit intimidating I guess. I haven’t been close to him to be able to talk to him, but I hope, I hope I get the chance to have a chat with him.