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Canadiens @ Coyotes Top Six Minutes: Montembeault steals two points in Arizona

It wasn’t pretty but it’s two points for the Habs!

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Arizona Coyotes Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • I didn’t expect to spend the night preceding my birthday watching the Habs play in a college arena with a 5k capacity, but here we are.
  • Also the Green Bay Packers are playing and it’s also intensely stressful.
  • Do we think Zack Kassian will try and fight Arber Xhekaj again or did the last fight not leave enough of an impact?
  • Also Cole Caufield is used to NCAA arenas, should see a big night from him hopefully.

First Period

  • Playing “Ole” by Bouncing Souls before the opening faceoff is a bold choice Arizona.
  • Well, Samuel Montembeault is wide awake for this 10pm start so far!
  • I don’t know how, but the Coyotes keep ending up on odd-man rushes and I don’t like it one bit.
  • That’s a horrendously dumb penalty by Josh Anderson, no reason for that.
  • A Josh Anderson penalty box exit spin-o-rama was not on my Bingo card tonight.
  • I am begging the Habs power play to finally function for once.
  • Or blast your own player in the face that works too.
  • Andddd right back to the penalty kill.
  • Thankfully Dvorak is back on the bench.
  • Hey neat, two clean PKs!
  • Anthony Richard is insanely fast, he went end to end like it was nothing.
  • Okay, Monty isn’t allowed to do anything like that anymore.
  • Well, that was certainly a period of hockey!

Second Period

  • Okay boys, good second period here we go!
  • Kaiden Guhle with a massive play to eventually open the space for Caufield to score!
  • And the game is now tied...
  • Can the fellas maybe help out Samuel Montembeault a little bit here, he’s getting hammered around the net.
  • The lead that is.
  • I can’t even be mad, that was an incredible play by Arizona to tie the game.
  • Guys, you gotta clear the zone.
  • And complete passes to each other, I believe in you!
  • Kaiden Guhle continues to rule however.
  • Anthony Richard is so so close to doing the thing right now.
  • I am begging Chris Wideman to please pass the puck to literally anyone.
  • I like Richard getting promoted, don’t love Slafkovsky being the one to get demoted.
  • Well, win the third period guys.

Third Period

  • Okay new rule, no more Narco by Timmy Trumpet to start periods, it’s overdone.
  • Big line back together, let’s see if they’ve got some magic in the final period.
  • It at least feels like there’s effort so far, goals are coming I can feel it!
  • Drouin just checked a man off the puck, late night hockey is weird y’all.
  • Cole Caufield, just inches from his second goal of the game.
  • What pass by Kirby Dach to make that happen too.
  • Richard puts the Habs on the PP!
  • Well, I don’t know what we expected at this point.
  • Two missed calls even out I suppose, and it beats seeing the Montreal power play again.
  • Again, begging the Habs to shoot when they manage to get the puck into high danger areas.
  • Edmundson I get you want to protect your goalie, but please let him make the save first!
  • Josh Anderson with a series of plays to forget, thankfully offsides at the other end.
  • It’s a point I guess!


  • At least win guys, it’s the Coyotes.
  • Caufield’s hand-eye is absolutely insane, my word.
  • It was dumb, ugly, but it’s two points in the desert!

EOTP 3 Stars

3) We may need to add a standings points column to the goalie stats

2) He’s coming for that top rookie spot

1) Someone who doesn’t run through the full colour gamut at each stoppage