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Canadiens vs. Lightning Top Six Minutes: Struck by the penalties

Quite an even game ended in a big Canadiens loss due to poor execution and an efficient opponent.

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining.

First Period

  • Surprisingly good start. The Habs look hot and ready.
  • So naturally, the Lightning take an early lead.
  • brandonagle? What the fudge is a brandonagle?
  • It’s a player?! Who has 23 points in 29 games this season?? And he just scored???
  • Oh, he’s from Saskatoon. Never mind then.
  • Apparently that was the fifth fight of young Xhekaj’s career. Then why does it feel like he’s in a fight in every game I watch?
  • Shot stats after twelve minutes? Lightning 3 Habs 8.
  • Goals? Lightning 2 Habs
  • That void means zero btw, if you didn’t get that.
  • Jake Paul doubles the lead for the away side.
  • Sorry, we seem to be having some technical difficulties. Logan* Paul was the one scoring.
  • The effort is not missing. It’s just a matter of execution. Or rather, the lack thereof.

Second Period

  • Once again, my apologies. That second goal was apparently scored by Aaron* Paul. I take full responsibility for the lack of clarity.
  • The teams trade penalties in the beginning of the second.
  • And Montreal decides to leave Killorn all alone in the crease. Thankfully, Jake Allen is alive, awake and saves the effort.
  • Matheson to the box. These teams sure don’t like playing 5-on-5.
  • Too bad they’re not good at playing 5-on-4.
  • Evans to the box. Double minor. Maybe Tampa prefers 5-on-3?
  • Cirelli. 3-0 fro the crease.
  • Pezzetta hits the iron short-handed. One of those nights eh?
  • Who wants a penalty? You get a penalty! You get a penalty!
  • Hedman makes it four. And that’s definitely game over.

Third Period

  • Still working to find the identity of that second Tampa scorer. RuPaul? Nah, that can’t be right...
  • Guhle with a beautiful set-up and Cap’n Nick (wonder if there are others on the ice named Nick?) makes sure there is no shutout tonight.
  • Is this the beginning of a beautiful comeback? Caufield scores.
  • Called back for a teenzy, weenzy offside. Bah! Refs never let you have any fun.
  • Time goes by so quickly.
  • With better execution and a lesser opponent (i.e. no brandonagle), this could have been a win.
  • Instead, it’s now a 5-1-loss. Nikki Kucherov with the final nail in the Habs’ coffin.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Just a matter of time now

2) This one took some effort

1) Still the front-runner for the Hart