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Canadiens vs. Flames Top Six Minutes: Chaos at the Bell Centre edition

Hits, fights, shootouts and more!

Calgary Flames v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Pre-Game Thoughts:

  • I’m just going to tally the Tyler Toffoli goal in now because we know it’s all going to happen.
  • Also Milan Lucic is coming off being a healthy scratch so I will also pencil him and Arber Xhekaj throwing hands in as well.
  • I am also deeply sad about the Owen Beck cut from Team Canada even if it does end up benefiting my own country’s odds at winning.
  • Oh well Lucic isn’t playing tonight, so maybe cancel that second thought.
  • Apparently both teams have a terrible records with tonight’s officials, so this should be fun.

First Period

  • Well the Habs didn’t score 13 seconds into the game so this night is already a disaster.
  • Well the Habs are going to the power play so this game is definitely getting worse by the second.
  • Oh hey, that wasn’t too bad!
  • Really nice start for Jake Evans tonight in Montreal especially on this penalty kill.
  • I see the Habs took a lesson from the Kings game and aren’t getting speedbagged to start the night.
  • Glad to know there was a tribute for Tyler Toffoli, one of the most loved short-term Habs in recent memory.
  • (Please don’t score a hat trick)
  • It would be a great time for the Montreal power play to score a goal I think.
  • Again they didn’t score, but they look dangerous as all get out.
  • Oh my good lord I think Michael Pezzetta just turned off Connor Mackey’s lights with one punch.
  • Jake Allen also really really good here in the first period, love to see that.
  • Good first period!
  • Lets add a goal in the second eh fellas?

Second Period

  • I have absolutely no idea what story Kelly Hrudey was telling to start the period.
  • This uh, was not the start Montreal wanted.
  • Not often we see Kaiden Guhle hit the Mario Kart banana peel in the defensive zone like we did there.
  • Nick Suzuki, very very good at hockey.
  • I don’t think I like that non-call on Trevor Lewis and subsequent penalty by Kirby Dach.
  • Jake Evans, playing an absolute blinder.
  • Cole Caufield to the locker room is absolutely not what I want to see or hear.
  • You can score on the power play? Feels illegal.
  • Please score a goal.
  • Okay, now definitely score a goal please.
  • Oh god I hope Chris Tanev is okay, he took that shot right in the back of the head.
  • The Montreal power play should come with a hazard label on it at this point, yikes.
  • I am very unsure of that being a penalty on Josh Anderson.
  • Well, this game is all sorts of stupid now.
  • I mean yay, they killed a penalty!
  • Not sure I like the vibes as that period comes to an end folks.

Third Period

  • So Kadri is cleared to play after the intermission, very excited to see how this spills over even more.
  • Okay, now do that same play again Habs.
  • I guess we don’t call boarding anymore!
  • Loving Jordan Harris’ game tonight, aggressive, composed, and effective.
  • Also Josh Anderson needs to play like this more often, he’s everywhere all at once.
  • I don’t mind playing with swagger but, maybe Mike Hoffman should opt for a snap shot from closer as opposed to a wind up slapper?
  • There is just absolute chaos happening.
  • Kovacevic’s backchecking effort 1000% saved a goal too, incredible effort.
  • Out of all the mysteries this year, Josh Anderson becoming a regular penalty killing option is the one surprising me the most.
  • Okay, so like six dudes have fallen down in the Calgary zone tonight and I’m wondering how bad the ice is there for some reason.
  • Kirby Dach putting Michael Stone in the spin cycle, we love to see it.
  • I am far too nervous about a mostly meaningless regulation game against a non-division opponent.
  • Overtime it is!


  • I am grateful for the four minute power play, but I am distraught for Anderson’s face.
  • Okay guys, score now please.
  • Sure, shootout why not.
  • Oh Jake, no my man no.
  • JAKE

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Welcome to EOTP!

2) They make hockey look very difficult

1) Might this finally be the needed secondary scoring?